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  1. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    NUBM0C 465nm 4.1W@rated, 5.9W@4A via G2 - 1.4X brighter than NUBM44@7W

    I would like to experiment with this NUBM0C, comparing it with a NUBM44-V2, their applications on graving/cutting purposes can reduce the cost of CNC machines (US$72 vs US$150).
  2. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    Does the original source of the laser matters?

    Thanks so much guys! I was bad at my reasoning about laser length, so the higher the wave length of the beam, the better the absorption of materials, right? I've already made some tests, and with a NUBM31T at maximum of consumption, burning some stuff is greater than a 100W CO2 laser tube, it...
  3. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    Does the original source of the laser matters?

    Hey guys, I have two questions related to optical power. 1- If you have an optical output of 5W from a laser diode, 5W from a CO2 laser, and 5W from a fiber laser, is the output power the same? Do the origin nature of the laser beam (semiconductor, gas, etc) has an effect in the final beam...
  4. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    my laser doesn't work for a unknown reason

    Can you send us images of your project? So we can have a better idea.
  5. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    my laser doesn't work for a unknown reason

    If you add a series resistor (for example 1k) with the batteries, you should be able to see the dot, maybe there's lacking of voltage (secondary drive) to run the current (main drive). I had the same situation with some experiments using a NUBM31T. You must check your datasheet and see the...
  6. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    my laser doesn't work for a unknown reason

    It could be reverse polarized, most of the diodes has a reverse zener diode protection, in most of the cases Red =+VCC & Black = GND.
  7. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    Sharp 395nm GH0393AA2G

    Lovely laser color, I was wondering what's their maximun output power? Does it has a reverse zener diode protection? What's the time life? BTW AWESOME graphics, what software did you used?
  8. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    Laser Measuring Sensor

    There's a laser module sensor from IFM, the O1D300 that uses an 650nm laser, <5mW for sensing applications with a range of 9 meters, it has a spam of 0.20 meters, so the final effective area is 8.8 meters, you can use this reference as your starting point.
  9. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    Absolutely Beautiful Laser Rainbow with Krypton Argon

    Men looks awesome! Does the laser that you used has a model? I would like to do the same but with some chemical additions.
  10. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    Search for drivers

    Well, if you say so it must be true, yeah, i think you're right and I'll improve, so... thanks for the advice? I'm going to implement all your feedback into my next project, I'm sure that I could be a great support for my next projects? well, hope the best for you kid. Forgot to mention to be...
  11. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    Search for drivers

    'Cause pandemic is limiting german market you should take in consideration other options. Why don't you make your own laser driver? you can use this example if you want: https://electricaldarkness.wordpress.com/2021/05/31/control-and-power-circuit-for-nichia-nubm44-v2/
  12. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    The Orwellian Nightmare is closer than you think.

    It's curious how companies are trying to steal our right to repair our electromechanic equipments, with Philips's programmed obsolescence the long term products were dying in order to produce more sells in the name of i+D+I. This week on deutsche welle congresists pronounce for a more stricted...
  13. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    Lasers and Anime Figures?

    Emilia is love, Emilia is live. Awesome pictures! an RGB crystal could a perfect addition to your next session.
  14. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    How many Amps should a NUBM44 draw?

    I used AWG#22 full copper to control that specific diode, you can supply an average of 4.5A, but in my personal experience for a V2 you can run it at 5A maximun, but laser's longevity is reduced.
  15. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    Boost Driver Adventure 2: Battle

    Your circuit looks cool! my corcern is related to the warm, 'cause the PL540B losses power efficiency due this factor, an small heat sink and a FAN o the PCB can improve this problem; you need a reverse protection circuit for the PL540B, most of them doesn't have a reverse zener diode...
  16. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    Help me because my parents are mad at me

    Abel, work with laser technology isn't as secure/easy as play with arduinos, the laser that you have is really dangerous (that's the one of the ones that I use for my experiments), if you want to experiment with laser diodes, FIRST, you should talk with your parents, and find a teacher to...
  17. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008


    Hey there!, I already implemented a NUBM44-V2 for my CNC machine, based on CNC firmwares with some code modifications, the results for an 7W laser are really impressive (leather can be cut!), the control and power circuit were on THT, I used a block case for the diode and FAN to regulate the...
  18. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    Where can I buy a "DTR" laser power meter?

    Hey skijohn, I contacted Augie Fasz (the one in charge of DTR's shop), she said: The one that RedCowboy recommeded looks decent, if you are searching an equipment with more capacities (>20W) don't really know the answer. BTW, beam quality is more important than laser power, also, ESR of diode...
  19. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    power supply

    I mean in the lowest part of the gun, the reverse diode allows you to block reverse currents that can damage your power supply or your circuit, AWG means American Wire Gauge, it's a table that defines the differents parameters of your copper conductor (the one that you should use to make the...
  20. dunkelheit_phoenix_2008

    power supply

    If you want to use that gun as an encapsulated you can use wire the circuit with AWG 18 copper wires(or AWG 16) so the conexions can stand 4Amps. 'Cause you're using a driver the work is more easy! only with a switch (or push button), and a reverse diode (as a protection for the bateries, but...