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    Help with safety Glasses OD7 532nm 5mW

    Thanks Diachi, The second explanation made much more sense to me. As you recommended I tried out a piece of untreated steel from a kitchen spatula and had no visible dot viewed through the glasses. "][/URL] "][/URL] I appreciate you helping me understand what is going on here. The phenomenon...
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    Help with safety Glasses OD7 532nm 5mW

    Although it could be a issue with fluorescence I am doubtful that is the issue. My understanding of fluorescence with green lasers are that it can cause orange reflections of the green laser off of orange objects. All objects that I shine my SIRT pistols green laser on are green when viewed...
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    Help with safety Glasses OD7 532nm 5mW

    Hello, I am new to this laser forum and wanted to ask a couple question to someone with experience working with laser safety shields/goggles. To start, I will provide information about the laser I am using. I am using a 532nm 5mW green laser that is fitted into a SIRT laser training pistol. I...