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    NUBM37 Combination through PBS?

    So the main issue being fast axis beam divergence should need a solution- a spaced out array of anamorphic lens with a cylindrical design could work. OR a stacked row of triangle cut anamorphic lens pairs. each row would travel through the lens and correct the beams. For the 24 Diodes in a...
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    NUBM37 Combination through PBS?

    My goal is to make a adjustable focal point from 25 meters - 1000 meters that should have a forgivable footprint on target at around 1 square inch so energy transmission is consistent . I would like to start by combining two NUBM37's then move on to four NUBM37's as illustrated. If possible it...
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    NUBM37 Combination through PBS?

    Great thread, thanks for linking. have there been any other better developments combining the beams since then / a more optimal setup with a better power output?
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    NUBM37 Combination through PBS?

    Hello all. New to the forum. Looking at doing a new setup with two NUBM37 Diode arrays. Ive seen a few on youtube and as far as ive found nobody has combined 2 of them before. I was wondering if it would be possible to run 2 through a 1" PBS (PBS251 from Thorlabs) without melting the cube? The...