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    Square shaped aberration in new blue laser diode. Should I ask for a replacement?

    This is a picture I took of the light from the laser shining on a door, with a pencil blocking the actual beam so that the light from the aberration would show up better. (The pencil started smoking while I was trying to take this picture.) Have tried cleaning the optics with a lint-free...
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    Which is better for a DIY liquid sky effect: spinning polygon mirrors, or a galvo?

    Working on my first DIY laser project: an RGV, color-shifting, liquid sky effect. Given that I'm not trying to make any fancy 2D pictures, should I still follow the design of your basic DIY RGV projector, minus the y-axis galvo, or is it better to replace the galvo with a spinning mirror from...
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    Sanity check my idea for a RGV "liquid sky" effect.

    A typical "liquid sky" effect is achieved by sweeping a laser beam across a flat plane, in the presence of smoke. (For reasons involving brightness and persistence of vision, rapidly sweeping a single beam works better than using a beam spreader / "line generator" lens.) The sweeping is usually...