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    Bug killing power?

    That was quite an exhaustive review of the issues involved, for sure! We're way past the humane questions (shoe soles and flyswatters are the current m.o.), but I'll have to do some careful experimenting with wavelengths and power levels. Thanks for the input!
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    Bug killing power?

    That would do it! Like to keep the house, tho. 🤪
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    Bug killing power?

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    Bug killing power?

    Thank you!
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    Bug killing power?

    This will sounds goofy, it is, but my wife has a huge psychological great of cockroaches and spiders. I've gotten her to the point where she will let me relocate spiders, but roaches, no way. So... I'm looking for ideas on what wattage I might need in a blue or red laser (we have green walls)...
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    New old guy on board!

    Howdy! I'm old enough that I recall watching the news release of the first viable LASER being demoed in the lab! Being a science fiction nut from the age of being able to select books on my own, I was hooked! My evil, I mean, safe, sane, well-thought-out plan is to build a pistol-format laser...