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    Zeus Laser

    Reliable? Legit? Anyone bought from thdm?? TIA
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    Glad to be back after 7 month vacation

    Hi gang. Been traveling. Hong Kong, Thailand, Europe. Hard to leave Thailand. 😊 Can't wait to see new power levels. Lordy knows what you guys have put together. Glad to be back with my laser pals.
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    DLP laser array

    Funny, Thanks
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    The blue burn thread

    Yes. Works great
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    In a pickle, car pickle. Help!?!

    We live in Ca. little brother. Take the motorcycle class. Buy a cool bike. Borrow moms when it rains. Or an ugly cheap ( couple hundred dollar oil leaking PIS) Cheap gas, cheap maintenance. Shiny new bike. Guarantee the most fun you can have with your pants on. :)
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    Crossbow owners?

    Had the little pistol type. Enjoyed it so much, I bought a Barnett Jackal. Just assembled it. Anyone else use a crossbow?
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    Anyone Willing to Broker a Deal between OVNI and TaterMay?

    Had a talk with my mom. She feels the same as you. Their's nothing more the Dr and hospital can do, so we've been in contact with hospice, and she'll be coming home. She probably has a couple days left. No more wires and tubes and indignities. She'll pass away in her own bed with the people...
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    UPDATED feeler for a Group Buy-- RGB projector full color

    I'm interested. I have plenty of handhelds. Never thought a projector was in reach for us regular folk. Been checking out YouTube. Pretty amazing.
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    Anyone Willing to Broker a Deal between OVNI and TaterMay?

    Thanks guys. Virtueviolater, your name gave a well needed laugh.
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    An Apology for Everyone

    I've been watching these threads. I thought when I recieved fake tracking numbers that it was just Eitan getting confused. I like the rest, was promised I'd get a correct number whithin hours. I had no idea virtually everyone was also getting fake tracking numbers. I don't believe this was the...
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    Anyone Willing to Broker a Deal between OVNI and TaterMay?

    I know this is off topic, but I see some of you are in the same boat as me I understand the pain of having a loved one in the hospital. Visited my mother yesterday in the hospital. 88, bad heart, kidneys shutting down. Not sure she'll be with me much longer. Doesn't want dialysis. Thanks for...
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    Dragon sent me a new 589

    yes, I paid for it. Returned it because underpowered.
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    Burning steel wool + lasers

    Wild. Thank for the pics.
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    4 watt 405

    Xia at Aixiz just spoke to me. She thinks she has some 3 Watt 405 modules, and said she will call me back today. She got back to me just now. Lots of 450 modules. I asked again about the 4 watt 405's. She said Chuck must of transposed the numbers. :( Sorry everyone. I was hoping it was true...
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    4 watt 405

    I emailed him back in Oct. Asked him to let me know if such a thing comes along. Got an mail yesterday. I also don't see it on the site. I just sent an email. I'll try calling in the morning. Surprised me! Hoping someone here knew about them already.
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    4 watt 405

    No joke. Email came from Chuck Maricle I'll try calling and find out more in the morning
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    4 watt 405

    He said he may get some someday soon. I asked him to write me if he gets them. Short message "I have the units ready." I just wrote for a link and prices.
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    4 watt 405

    Chuck from Aixiz emailed me yesterday. I always wanted a 405 torch.
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    4 watt 405

    Just heard Aixiz has some that just came in. Anyone know something about these?