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  1. rebane2001

    Osu! visualizations with lasers

    This is showing the cursor in-game In my example videos, the game is playing itself, which creates these really cool looking fast moving curves, but you can play it yourself with a real mouse and it still works and looks just as cool Glad you like it!
  2. rebane2001

    Osu! visualizations with lasers

    Osu! is a rhythm game where you need to move your mouse and click circles to music. I thought it'd be cool to make it work with my lasers, so I did it Here's a video explaining everything: And here's a video of some gameplay:
  3. rebane2001

    Who needs Tetris Effect when we've got this? (aka Tetris with lasers)

    The projector I'm using is a really cheap one (a bit over $200), so there isn't much to expect from it. It doesn't even support intensities/brightness There isn't much calibration I can do without taking it apart unfortunately, but the factory calibration seems to be rather good The ILDA test...
  4. rebane2001

    Who needs Tetris Effect when we've got this? (aka Tetris with lasers)

    I've got my Helios DAC and I've been experimenting with it, this is a Tetris running on it through the Python API, more info in the video description
  5. rebane2001

    Question about showlasers

    Hi! This is my first time using this forum so I hope I got everything right Anyways, I'm considering buying a ILDA RGB showlaser from Aliexpress with 500mW of advertised power (Red-650nm@300mW / Green-532nm@50mW / Blue-450nm@150mW) I know that a 500mW laser pointer itself is quite dangerous...