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  1. acelazy

    SANWU Love

    lol are you planning to get one of each model from Sanwu?
  2. acelazy

    LAZERER working coupon code?

    I emailed Max a while ago asking for a discount for my 1.2W blue laser and he sent me the code LPF10OFF. He say that this is a 10% off discount code for LPF member. I don’t know whether the code still valid but you may give it a try. :beer: They had very decent customer support please check...
  3. acelazy

    SOLD: 10W Rubicon X LPM (Pristine Condition)

    Re: FS: 10W Rubicon X LPM (Pristine Condition) I always want to get a LPM myself but every time I realize that I could save these $$ for another high power laser I changed my mind :D Anyway hope you will sold your LPM soon.
  4. acelazy

    Want to build first laser.

    I was also thinking of building my own 520nm green laser. However it seem to be a difficult task for me so I didn't do it yet.
  5. acelazy

    Dragon sent me a new 589

    You paid for it or Dragon send it to you for free?
  6. acelazy

    Nitecore D4 Digicharger Review

    Look like you no longer need to keep many chargers for different batteries.
  7. acelazy

    515nm Titanium Ehgemus host build

    I have to add a 520nm laser to my collection if I have spare money. This is awesome color.
  8. acelazy

    SciFi Lasers SF501b blue 445nm 1.5--1.8W

    Very lovely laser. Thanks for the review. :)
  9. acelazy

    How long does lazerer shipping takes?

    They are not suck company. My recent order seized in UK custom because of the li-ion battery. Max is very helpful on resolving the issue.
  10. acelazy

    Thumb up for lazerer customer service.

    A while ago I have started this thread regarding the issue of the custom here in UK. http://laserpointerforums.com/f44/need-help-asap-package-held-uk-custom-settled-96645.html My package is seized by UK custom since li-ion batteries is included. So I email lazerer about this and a guy called...
  11. acelazy

    Custom Build 16x BDR209 405nm@600mA in aixiz style module

    Very nice. It is hard to put everything together? I am considering to build mind.
  12. acelazy

    Check Out My 286mW Tiny Titanium Key Chain Red! (Blu-ray Too!)

    really impressive. Do you make the host yourself?
  13. acelazy

    UPDATED feeler for a Group Buy-- RGB projector full color

    Hi hak, shipping cost to london,uk also free? :)
  14. acelazy

    200 mw shone in eye for split second, but had eye glasses on?

    200mW is considered a high power laser. I think you should go to see a eye doctor.
  15. acelazy


    I also got my package held recent. What is the actual item of your package?
  16. acelazy

    Need Help ASAP. Package held by UK Custom...[Settled]

    Re: Need Help ASAP. Package held by UK Custom... Settled !! Emailed Max last night. Just his replied saying that he will send me another unit without batteries. He say that the package most likely get seized but in case it come to me later I just have to return it. Thumb up for lazerer amazing...
  17. acelazy

    Need Help ASAP. Package held by UK Custom...[Settled]

    Re: Need Help ASAP. Package held by UK Custom... I was referred by my friend. They ordered from lazerer without any problem (with batteries) so I don't understand why only my package is held. They didn't give me any option just telling me it is illegal so I guess the package is confiscated :(...
  18. acelazy

    Need Help ASAP. Package held by UK Custom...[Settled]

    Hi everyone this is my second post here. I ordered a blue laser a while ago pointer from lazerer it is a 1.2W cyber. Today I got a letter from UK custom that the package is held because li-ion batteries is sent. I did got a message from lazerer saying that sending li-ion batteries may cause...
  19. acelazy

    I am new to here :)

    Hi everyone my name is Aaron and I am from UK. My friend told me that people here are nice and I hope I will enjoy my stay here. :beer: