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  1. greggers

    Messy Laser Spot on Sanwu Pocket

    True! I may try, but also I don't really want to contaminate the lens (anywhere on the laser really) with the sticky adhesive. You know how electrical tape goes after a while...
  2. greggers

    Messy Laser Spot on Sanwu Pocket

    Thanks for the insight ZRaffleticket! As this is my first "serious" laser I think I'll leave it as-is for now. I would like to experiment with different lenses in future, though; I'll bear what you say in mind!
  3. greggers

    Messy Laser Spot on Sanwu Pocket

    Hi Ears and Eggs! I might try blackening several parts of the laser. Maybe I will even paint the inside around the diode. I will just have to be very careful not to get anything on the diode or lens, obviously. Edit: just saw your most recent reply. I tried searching to see if anyone else had...
  4. greggers

    Messy Laser Spot on Sanwu Pocket

    Hi julianthedragon thanks for replying. I might contact Sanwu just to ask, but I feel it's going to be a few inherent faults with the design which are contributing to those issues - rather than a damaged optic or whatever else. After all, it is such a small host - that's probably where some of...
  5. greggers

    Messy Laser Spot on Sanwu Pocket

    Hello, this is my first post on LPF! I recently received my first Sanwu laser: a 100mW 492nm Pocket series. It took a month to arrive after I placed the order. I have heard and seen many amazing things about all of Sanwu's lasers, however unfortunately I feel a little disappointed. I was...