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    Old 7w lab laser with missing interlock

    I’d have to look into the legalities of selling it on eBay, but considering the size and weight and the packaging required to survive international shipping, I can’t see it fetching much on eBay to be worthwhile, I don’t even know what it cost new, over 10 years ago and before it had 11000 hours...
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    Old 7w lab laser with missing interlock

    I think you’re right about disassembly. On closer inspection, inside front (Photos), it is a little dusty, and some wires cut near the laser unit, not sure if that was the manufacturer or the last researcher who used the system, I think it’s common to cut wires in lasers that are discarded...
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    Old 7w lab laser with missing interlock

    So perhaps it’s in series with the keyswitch? That would explain why the message on sceen doesn’t make a distinction between the two. Thanks, I’ll take a look under the hood. What country are you in?
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    Old 7w lab laser with missing interlock

    There’s a power unit and a head. The power unit says “Model: Finesse 7w CW <30w 800-820nm” The head says “CW <10w 532nm, 1064nm”. They’re connected via an “umbilical” - like a parallel cable, and the fiber is hardwired in on both ends. The head is nitrogen purged and hermetically sealed...
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    Old 7w lab laser with missing interlock

    I have a laser at uni which I think might be missing an interlock plug of some sort. It’s a ”Laser Quantum” brand, aka Novanta Photonics. The model is a Finesse. It has over 10k hours on it. It turns on but smells a little bad when it runs. It’s very clean because it’s been in a photonics lab...