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    Help with troubleshooting 5W Laser

    I tried firing up my 445nm 5w blue laser today and it didn’t turn on. The first issue I noticed was that there was no voltage going to the driver. I had to re-solder the joint that connects the negative copper ring to the threads of the laser body. It turns out the circuit couldn’t ground itself...
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    5W Blue Laser

    I can’t figure out how to post videos on here from my phone I will try it from my computer later though.
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    5W Blue Laser

    The build cost around $200. Huge shoutout to @Lifetime17 for the host and assistance throughout the build. Of course the first thing I got were some laser goggles from survival lasers. This is using the NUBM06 diode powered by a 4A buck driver so it should be around 5W. I used some thermal...
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    18650 powering 5W diode?

    Thanks for the advice! You can never be too safe lol.
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    18650 powering 5W diode?

    I will probably go for the survival lasers host. This is my first time building a higher than one watt laser. I’ve built a couple 200mws and a 1w but nothing like this yet. I already have OD5 goggles for 445nm. Are there precautions I should take other than eye protection and general laser...
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    18650 powering 5W diode?

    Could you recommend a reliable host for 2x 18650s? I found one on survival lasers but it is a little pricey for just the host. I was looking for one ~$25.
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    18650 powering 5W diode?

    I’m building a 5W handheld laser and the only power supplys I have found that will work with the diode require a 12 V input. First of all, would it be practical to use a 18650 battery (would the battery life be short) and if so where can I find a 5W power supply that will work with 3.7 V...