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  1. Marco Botha

    What is your own laser circuit design

    Thank you for the link Wil be starting to design some circuits to use on low power diodes to 1W diodes but higher power diodes wil be a project after getting used to linear power supplies
  2. Marco Botha

    What is your own laser circuit design

    I am learning myself elctronics that i am finished with school and starting with low power and easy to control like transistors and they are not perfect but it is my good start until i know how to work with switching supplies My biggest problem as n beginner is choosing the parts for a circuit...
  3. Marco Botha

    What is your own laser circuit design

    What is your most complicated laser circuit design for the case in high power lasers I want to go and build a circuit for my future lasers that is not the LM317 regulator or anything but a circuit that uses opamps and transistors for current regulation.
  4. Marco Botha

    What does a laser diode need

    I am building some lasers with a 505nm diode and 405nm but need info what a laser diode need to work at its rated power When I power the 405nm laser diode with 5V the voltage output wil drop to 3.5V as it is current limited for the laser, but the question is should I increase the voltage that it...
  5. Marco Botha

    Laser Diode sourcing

    Where does laser diodes from aliexpress come from I bought a 505nm 30mw SHARP laser diode and cost me 7 USD a wonderd why is it cheap and where does it come from And the 405nm laser diodes cost also alot cheaper but from different online sellers it is 200 USD