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    Pot modding to lower power?

    Hey folks, I posted this topic over on Cloudy Nights, the major US astronomy geek forum. Sadly, the mods had to remove it because GLPs are a touchy subject, and any mods which could in any way pose a danger is something they remove as a matter of policy. No hard feelings, I get it. That said...
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    Pot modding to lower power?

    ArcticDude – Very cool, this gives me something to look into. That said, anecdotal evidence shows that lesser GLPs can definitely suffer for our purposes in the cold. Any idea whether that laser you posted has IR filtration? A quick glance doesn't show, but I probably need to look around a bit...
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    Pot modding to lower power?

    Thanks for the heads up, I've edited my last message accordingly. My Z-Bolt retails for $98, so it's not exactly cheap. I trust them to be fairly exact when they specify between 4 and 5mW
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    Pot modding to lower power?

    $3 GLPs are ill-suited to astronomy for a number of reasons, most primarily due to unreliability in the cold outdoors. Indeed, I spent quite a bit extra on my Z-Bolt laser for low temperatures down to 14°. And, given our goal is to have well-dilated eyes, the typical lack of IR filtration in...
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    Pot modding to lower power?

    Hello all, I know this is a touchy subject around here that gets asked by newbies (like me) all too often. Before going any further, I'll disclaimer that I made fairly liberal use of the search function, and found this important tidbit to sum up the general consensus around pot modding: That...