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  1. T_Warne

    Browntail moth caterpillar

    Metal BBs will break a window even at a great distance. I'd go with an airsoft rifle. Full auto 6mm plastic pellets are very effective at decent distance, easy to aim, and pose relatively little risk down range. But please do be aware of where the projectiles are landing. Try to keep them on...
  2. T_Warne

    Traveling with a class IV 2w 450nm laser

    You are overthinking this. Just remove the batteries and put it in your checked luggage.
  3. T_Warne

    Laser to melt plastic bag?

  4. T_Warne

    Would something like this be possible?

    I'm even more confused now. Are you trying to heat something up with a laser, or measure it's temperature? ( lasers don't measure temperature) Trying to heat vape juice will be challenging. It's mostly transparent. You need to find a wavelength that is absorbed efficiently by the liquid. You...
  5. T_Warne

    Laser to melt plastic bag?

    Another interesting first post. but, anyway.... You have a better chance of using your mind to telekinetically remove the bag. Just picture the bag falling out of the tree in your minds eye
  6. T_Warne

    Which laser should I get for a security system?

    So, the distance between the LDR (Light dependent resistor) and the emitter is just 1m? Why do you need to use a laser? What wavelength is your LDR sensitive to? Why not use the corresponding LED?
  7. T_Warne

    Would something like this be possible?

    Lasers can measure temperature? :unsure: Why are you inventing unnecessary equipment when it is already easy to measure temperature with existing tools? Perhaps you can explain EXACTLY what you are trying to accomplish so we can better understand your experiment?
  8. T_Warne

    Can a Lazer device to clean normal dust? To like scanning the surface areas and clean/burn the dust molecules

    Why would you want to use lasers for "cleaning"? Even if it were possible, it would be cheaper just build a clean room. Burning dust does not make it disappear. You are still left with burnt dust, it's just more dehydrated and carbonized. What is your budget and timeline for completion? I...
  9. T_Warne

    Thermal Camera with IR illuminator

    An IR illuminator is completely invisible to FLIR. It sees heat, not light. Do you have a pvs14 or some other night vision device? What are you using to SEE your beloved IR illumination?
  10. T_Warne

    Custom Laser Goggles

    Then your options are limitless. Choose whatever style, material, and color you want.
  11. T_Warne

    Custom Laser Goggles

    Good luck with that. Personally, my vision is top priority over the "looks" of of the glasses. Don't be stupid or cheap when it comes to eye protection. Seriously. It's not worth the risk.
  12. T_Warne

    Home laser ablation

    Neato. Personally, I prefer to use a soldering iron. I will sometimes use a map gas torch depending on the size of the mole.
  13. T_Warne

    Veteran member spam reduction.

    It drives me crazy that I must wait 25-30 seconds between each spam post that I report. It took me 4 minutes to report 8 posts. It should have taken less than a minute.
  14. T_Warne

    Suggestion to troll baters.... Get a life.

    This thread is feeding the very trolls you wish to starve.
  15. T_Warne

    Newbie question... do lasers just... start to suck?

    How long have you owned them? Is the lens clean? Can you adjust the focus? Have you replaced/recharged the batteries? What duty cycle have you been using? How long do you run the laser before you turn it off?
  16. T_Warne

    Niwalker minimax 72 15,000 lm

    PP helps as long as you are paying for goods, but you are a complete unknown and you still have not provided any pictures. Upload your pictures to imgur.com and then put them in your post. What was your previous username? Perhaps a mod can help you get back into your old account?
  17. T_Warne

    Help Needed: Accurate laser for aiming

    "For an example if we mount the laser body to a level and verify that it is level to the horizontal axis. If the laser optic is tilted 3 degrees down due to manufacturing, this will point x (varies w/ distance) degrees lower that it should. Therefore throwing my aim off. " All aiming lasers...
  18. T_Warne

    I want to be able to see "invisible" wavelengths too.

    Using a camera to view IR is probably a better idea than a permanent modification to our body. :unsure:
  19. T_Warne

    Violet laser mod

    Why does the laser you have disappoint you? Why do you want a stronger laser? What do you want to be able to do with it? Cheap? How much are you willing to spend? If you are good with soldering you can put together a dangerously powerful laser fairly easily for not much money. There is tons...