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    Neje 30W help please

    thank you the seller replaced my laser with a new one
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    Neje 30W help please

    here www dot aliexpress dot com/item/4001287518270.html and I think my mks dlc killed it, I connected the laser output of the motherboard to the laser, then after it burned I tested the output pins and realized that there is an alternate voltage on those pins, damn it.
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    Neje 30W help please

    I asked the seller, he is waiting for a reply from the engineer
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    Neje 30W help please

    Hello everybody, I recently purchased a NEJE 30W laser module, connected it to my Makerbase MKS-DLC to the laser output, tested it and after a couple of seconds the laser stopped working, I think a diode on the driver is burned. Measured the voltage on the Laser output of my mks and it is...