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    Oh SenKat Please HELP!

    I am sorry to make a thread to one person but I am depserate!!! My Pulsar 100 was just working perfectly until it accidently was shone back into itself by bouncing off of a mirror! Now it is outputting barely 1 mW :'( Please help Oh RedLaserMaster Senkat!!! I am 15 and have no way to get...
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    Stolen Laser Video

    I think this is Wicked's video (Parts of it) http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1751989/ :o
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    HappyBirthday SenKat!!!

    Happy birthday, I hope it is great!!! Is it the big 40? Maybe you can celebrate by visiting carmangary with a shotgun ;D *BOOM*
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    Shipping to DL

    Hello, I am just wondering what method of shipping you used to RMA a laser to Dragon. I live in the US and since they make you pay your own shipping, I am looking for something around $20. Regards, Josh