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    My first 561nm pointer

    I saw a 561nm for sale on eBay, but it didn’t list the mw, not even a pic of an LPM test. Any idea what those usually operate at?
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    Greek fellows help a brother out?

    I lived in Nea Kifissia in the 70s. I visited a few more times in the 80s too. It’s just outside of Athens. My dad owned a huge restaurant there. I think it was originally called “Cosmiki Taverna”.
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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    Does the auto rotating pattern cap rotate constantly or can you stop it on a fixed pattern? This would be for the 7.5 watt striker.
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    looking for an affordable IR laser.

    Jetlasers sells IR pointers with powers up to 2500mw.
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    Need help with new laser

    Some lasers require the positive/negative end of the battery to be inserted a certain direction. Some lasers have a protection circuit that stops the laser from getting fried if the battery is inserted the wrong direction. Make sure there isn’t a cap blocking the lens. What brand and model...
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    Jetlaser PLE-Pro questions before purchase

    Thank you for the info. I’ve emailed him but haven’t heard back. I’ve been saving for awhile now and just want to get it right the first time :)
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    Jetlaser PLE-Pro questions before purchase

    Yes. This will be my second IR laser. I have an IR laser on one of my rifles and also have night vision goggles, binoculars and flashlights. I have a thermal camera too.
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    Jetlaser PLE-Pro questions before purchase

    Hello. I’m about to purchase a Jetlaser 2.5W PLE-Pro and had a few questions. I’ve emailed Jetlasers but haven’t heard back from them yet. I know they are busy at times. What type of lens does it come with and would it be worth (or possible) changing it to a G8 for better long range beam...
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    Hello, former old member here

    Yes, but I’m off by one number. It should Be 8472, not 8473. Is there a way to change my name? My inner nerd came out of me while signing up and that name popped into my head for a username.
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    Hello, former old member here

    Hi. I was a member here several years ago but don’t have access to my old email account, so here I am. I’m not an expert on lasers but I feel I’m fairly well versed in the basics. I have a Survival Laser 445nm 1.1mw, an Optotronic 532nm 500mw, and a custom Star Trek phaser with a 445nm 1.3mw...