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  1. Pman

    Phlatlight driver

    I just realized looking back through the PT-54 Jayrob green phlatlight maglight information that it's actually getting 9 amps and not 5 like I thought for 1000lm. That's consistent with the data sheets. If i could find a 30A driver the one I want to make is rated at 4000lm and with the 20A...
  2. Pman

    Phlatlight driver

    Heres what I ordered for $16 from Amazon that's supposed to arrive tomorrow: DZS Elec 20A DC-DC Step Down Buck Converter Module 6-40V to1.2-35V Adjustable Constant Voltage Constant Current Power Supply 300W Large Power Voltage Regulator Synchronous Rectification LED Drive...
  3. Pman

    Phlatlight driver

    Sorry for the double post but wanted to say Hi to everyone and also yup, second grandchild and second grandson:) It appears he has some kind of hearing issue as he keeps failing basic hearing tests and is getting the next test Monday. We know he can hear at least out of one ear because we did...
  4. Pman

    Phlatlight driver

    Do you have a link to it? I'm assuming its DC to DC right? Can you adjust both V and A? I believe my phlatlight is rated for 4.8V and 30A max. 20A should be nasty enough and would be easier on the batteries. For $20 I'm way more than interested and would buy one in a heartbeat. What kind...
  5. Pman

    Streamlight Microstream Pen 450nm

    HA, first build I've looked at in forever and I'm necroposting lol. Looks great. Some of the pics kind of make the black look more like a really dark military type green which I like. Always like these small builds. Reminds me that I need to check out some of my own pen type builds again as...
  6. Pman

    Phlatlight driver

    So. Its been quite awhile since I've posted as my interests have turned to drone stuff. However I've always wanted to build a powerful Phlatlight and have some sitting around and one in particular that I "need" to do something with. I already have a 5A green phlatlight maglight build that is a...
  7. Pman

    I'm here and still kicking and other than the duplicate lasers I sold must still have well over...

    I'm here and still kicking and other than the duplicate lasers I sold must still have well over 100 :) Went through another really bad kidney stone problem involving an 11mm stone that put me in the hospital for a bunch of days as I once again got some kind of internal infection after they put a...
  8. Pman

    Question About the BDR-209 900mw diode?

    Not that it matters really but from all my experience building with that diode I could always get it to run well straight off one of my testing bench power supplies but you cannot push it as hard with any other driver I have tried because of the reasons others have mentioned. Blown plenty of...
  9. Pman

    FS: 150$ Violet 2w V2 driver boost

    Wait, what? When did we hit 2W 405?
  10. Pman

    new laser show "hot damn"

    Nice. I hadn't used my projector in a loooooong time but have actually been using it this week at church into the big white ceiling as we have a week long kids program (what used to be called vacation bible school) and its theme is science. I own quickshow and was surprised that I had no issue...
  11. Pman

    Missing DTR ...

    Hard to relax when you get the laser bug. I used to have packages with laser related items coming in daily and would check the tracking constantly. It's been a long time since I've placed an order for anything as my priorities have changed quite a lot. Hang in there:)
  12. Pman

    Sold! Ophir 20C LPM with J.Bauer chipset and datalogging.

    Re: Ophir 20C LPM with J.Bauer chipset and datalogging. Remember when you were building it and how I really liked the housing. Seems like such a long time ago when a bunch of us were working on our Ophir meters and it was a big deal to have such a high multiwatt capable reader. Time is just...
  13. Pman

    Sharp 490nm GH04850B2G 55mW Laser Diode

    Very nice. Would expect an easily defined color difference with the eye plus a shift in color sound a camera comparison shot although my bet is the colors won't show up correctly on almost any camera without trying a lot of different backgrounds or some kind of post editing. Comparison pics...
  14. Pman

    Acebeam X80 - some pics and thermal test

    It's what caught my eye too except I was looking at the mismatched batteries. Took a guess that he is using them especially as he mentioned a battery issue. Why I recommended 4 new Samsung 25r as they won't mind the load a although he could go with whatever the good 3100mAh range pan or...
  15. Pman

    Acebeam X80 - some pics and thermal test

    Confused about the batteries. Are they not all the same? Not a good sign if they are not all discharging together. I would purchase all new cells such as Samsung 25r. I had a battery issue with a 4 cell flashlight once when I first got it and upon inspection found that one of the springs...
  16. Pman

    503nm build with many pics.

    There are lots of drivers out there but I don't know why the driver builders haven't any interest in boosts. Limits host choices. Sad:( 503nm makes it's own smoke
  17. Pman

    What driver is this?

    Yup, thanks:) rep. I really think someone gave it to me or maybe I bought it with other stuff in the BST section. At the moment I'm not sure what I would use it for as it is quite large. I'm pretty sure I bought that other thing on eBay after I saw a few others buy one here. Not sure how...
  18. Pman

    503nm build with many pics.

    Blitzlinear is yours? I've used it many many times. We need boost drivers bad....hint hint.... I'm thinking about taking some color comparison pics against a 473 Ple I have. Would like to see how that wavelength looks against the white wall and the black insulation piece especially...
  19. Pman

    503nm build with many pics.

    I went through and prepped who I could. Thanks for rep as it's starting to look like I belong here again. Still not a class 4 laser guy though lol. Thanks again to Paul for sending the diode. To be completely honest I doubt I would have had the motivation to build anything without the push...
  20. Pman

    503nm build with many pics.

    Welcome. Cat loves me and lasers so it works;) On a side note I was hoping we would get an extended version of Justice League but no dice. Iof course they could try and double dip an add an extended version in a few months. Favorite scene is after they wake up a certain someone.