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    Looking for red-green flashing laserpointer

    I just did a quick google but couldn't find what I would like to have: a laserpointer that can blink red or green (on-off-on etc), red and green (red-green-red etc., or also red-off-green-off-red-off etc), with variable flashing speed, and variable power. I want to use it for presentations...
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    Are there any red and green flashing laserpointers?

    In Germany, laser pointers are only allowed up to 1 mW. A 1 mW laser point on a bright screen is sometimes not easy to spot. I imagine this could be helped - at least somewhat - with a pulsed signal that flashes red - green rapidly. Also I have seen laser pointers that have "beamformers" (???)...
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    Looking for a daylight outdoor pointing device

    Sorry I was writing from a smartphone. Now I'm on the computer and agree, here it's hard to miss. I posted in the welcome section now. I read up a bit more, learned - among others - that green lasers often emit IR as well, and that the IR beam is wider than the visible green, and therefore a...
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    Hello from Munich, Germany

    Hello everybody here, I'm Wolfgang from Munich in Germany. I read the stickies (hope I didn't overlook one) but it's a bit overwhelming, so please forgive me if I don't follow all the do's and dont's. Please tell me if necessary ... I write under the same handle - "wus", simply my intitials -...
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    Looking for a daylight outdoor pointing device

    Thanks for your comprehensive answer, immo1282! I looked for the welcome section or thread, but did not find it. Do you have a link for me?
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    Looking for a daylight outdoor pointing device

    Hi everyone here, I'm Wolfgang from Munich, Germany. On a recent trip to Papua to photograph birds of paradise and other exotic wildlife, one of the birding guides used a green laser pointer to show me where in the bush or up in a tree he saw "the" bird. Very useful! Without the pointer, I...