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    Open can?

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    Line through the dot

    All red laser diodes do this, (at least the ones I've seen) here's a pic of mine: You've got nothing to worry about.
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    HOW TO: 100+mW 405nm w/ 803T Dorcy Jr Laser

    There's just one problem with your tutorial. I wouldn't recommend using a c-clamp. back a few months ago when no body knew about the 803T diodes jay spent 300 bucks (IIRC) on a 6x bluray burner so he could extract the diode, everything went well until he used a c-clamp to press the diode in a...
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    DX accidently sent me two Dildas

    You're actually going to send it back?!!!! Come on dude, keeeeep it. ;D
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    DVD diode maximum currents

    300mA is too high for a 16x burner, I'd say 250mA max. And the 22x diodes seem to have the same power as the regular long open cans, or at least that's what how it was last time I checked the 22x LG drive thread, I'll go check again......
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    Is Samsung 22x burner SH-S223F diode a winner?

    DO NOT ever harvest anything from a Samsung drive, you'll find some pretty ugly diodes in there.
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    Do you ALWAYS wear safety glasses?

    Just when I'm burning up close or when there's a risk of a reflection hitting my eyes.
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    Building my first DIY red from 16x burner...

    Build this, power it with the two CR123 rechargeables and set the pot to 200mA.
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    First ever DIY red

    Nice but you should've used a smaller box, there's a lot of empty space in there.
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    Clarification on OD

    That's impossible, but why would you want to use your goggles outside? ;D
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    Diy laser. Please help

    Yes, tell us what kind of host you're going to use. For a heatsink you could also get a whole bunch of washers drilled at the proper size so that you can fit your aixiz module in them and then glue them together using thermal epoxy. It may not be a perfect heatsink but it's better than nothing...
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    For sale: 95mW Dilda-ray 405nm*SOLD*

    Re: For sale: 95mW Dilda-ray 405nm May I ask....... What the hell are those hideous (is that spelled right?) things in the middle of your pics? :o ;D (you pointed the laser directly at your camera didn't you?)
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    WTB: Fill-in-the-blank Laser Danger Stickers

    Just tell me the wavelength, the power of the laser you need the labels for, and I'll post them right up.
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    Not FS: 300mW MXDL Open Can Lasers!

    Re: FS: *300mW MXDL Open Can Lasers With Heatsink* I'm holding an aixiz module with an open can right now and I honestly don't see how the spring can damage the open can once it's placed correctly, there just isn't enough space inside the aixiz module for the spring to twist or something so...
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    Not FS: 'Pocket Pal' & Leadlight! - Request Power!

    Re: F.S. Mini 'Pocket Pal' Blu-ray Lasers! - 90mW' Of course 225 bucks is a great price, I mean just a few months back this was a fair price for low powered blurays. It's a great price for a high powered one.
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    30mw DX advice needed

    Well, I've seen people posting that their packages have been opened by customs but their lasers still arrived. So I think you should be fine as long as you order before the date of the ban. EDIT: I don't think DX will refund your money if customs gets a hold of it, but who knows?
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    trade green shades for my red? before i go blind!!

    Re: trade green shades for red? before i go blind! Damn, you should have gotten the laser after you bought the goggles. :P Is your blind spot gone?
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    50mw Green + 250mw Red

    Nice beamshots, is the 50mW green a DX laser?
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    Diy laser. Please help

    You need a chunk of aluminum, like a cube. Not a plate.
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    Diy laser. Please help

    I don't know, look for it. Why do you want a two? Just buy two of those and connect them in series.