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    Importing expensive lasers into Canada

    Oh i see, had me concerned who was CNI? lol. I thought i couldnt buy plugin laser over 5 mW. i guess it will pass customs then, it actually looks exactly like cni lasers, except no power supply for it.
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    Importing expensive lasers into Canada

    Thanks, whos CNI? i tried google them, best result was canadian national railway.
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    Importing expensive lasers into Canada

    haha yea, i appreciate the reply. Its built pretty oem, as in cheap black little box though. it doesnt look official to say the least. It literally looks like a handsize camera, with a diode sticking out and 3 prong wire attached. the housing resembles nothing like a laser module or lightsaber...
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    Importing expensive lasers into Canada

    what if its a plugin laser over 5 mW, can be imported?
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    Canada laser laws?

    What about plugin lasers above 5 mW? Is that allowed? i know i seen some sold on Canadian sites, but i dont know if customs allows it.
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    Anyone ever heard of LLLT or phototherapy?

    well thats the thing here, they are grossly overpriced. Even if somebody made one to make the prices fair, they wouldnt have to advertise it like that anyway. The FDA only passes these devices as heaters or massagers for muscle! nothing more, nothing less. Im not going to build one anytime soon...
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    Anyone ever heard of LLLT or phototherapy?

    So I recently looked into laser therapy, before i ramble, id appreciate if folks watch this 5- minute video, but please consider the studies first. maybe it sounds like quakery so heres a load of studies compiled in each link. Laser Treatment | GreenMedInfo | Therapeutic Action | Natural Laser...