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    Space Discussion Thread

    I didn't see it with my naked eye but did manage to capture a faint glow on my phone. You can see the mistakable colors in the photos.
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    Ban poll for Madness Laser aka 3dlaserbuilder aka ...

    It's my understanding that this forum's rules do not allow users to have multiple accounts. So this person was already breaking the rules whether or not he was evading his ban.
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    Space Discussion Thread

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    Company claims to have single-mode 445 nm diodes that reach 1.6 W

    There's a company called Berlin Lasers that is selling a single-mode 445 nm laser diode that they say can go up to 1.6 watts: https://berlinlasers.com/445nm-single-mode-blue-laser-diode I'm guessing it's just a mistake and that they simply put it on the wrong page, but I'm curious to see what...
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    Name our new Current events thread

    Anyone else disappointed that the U.S. didn't shoot down the balloon with a laser?
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    Official specs of BDR-209 diode?

    I know this is quite an old thread, but it looks like the question has been answered. Zraffleticket and rajhlinux have found that the diodes used in the BDR-209 drives are of Sony make. Here's the datasheet for those curious: https://datasheetspdf.com/pdf-file/905921/SonyCorporation/SLD3237VF/1...
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    Does anyone else prefer the "classic" hosts over the fancier ones?

    Glad I'm not the only one! I did once write to Wicked Lasers to suggest that they sell the Spyder I Pro host to hobbyists who want to assemble their own lasers. Although they liked the idea, I guess the demand wasn't high enough. Nice collection, by the way. :D
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    Does anyone else prefer the "classic" hosts over the fancier ones?

    One thing I noticed is that the most popular lasers today have fancy-looking designs that resemble lightsabers and Gatling guns. However, I've always preferred the simplicity of CNI-style lasers. Although I already have the now-discontinued Spyder I Pro from Wicked Lasers — which actually looks...
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    Crazy AI chat

    I can't wait for AI to help us design more efficient lasers. :D
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    does CNI no longer makes laser pointers?

    I just got an email back from CNI — they said they're no longer shipping portable lasers to any customers. End of an era indeed. :-(
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    does CNI no longer makes laser pointers?

    I realize this is an old thread but have been wondering about this too. It does look like CNI has stopped making handheld lasers (even Class IIIa laser pointers) altogether because they no longer appear in the catalog as of early 2020. Even resellers like Optotronics and Dragon Lasers have been...
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    Soraa no longer developing laser diodes?

    I realize this is a very old post but wanted to share my latest findings. The good news is that Soraa has been developing laser diodes during all this time. The reason their official website didn't say anything about lasers is that the R&D was being done by a spin-off company called SLD Laser...
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    my laser-related predictions of the future

    I was just thinking about this thread the other day and was wondering how accurate it has been.
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    Does dropping a laser effects its output/power?

    If a DPSS laser is dropped and hits a hard surface, then its optics may become misaligned.
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    The spam

    Got a spam PM from this account: https://laserpointerforums.com/members/zanius297.69076
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    quantum dot lasers?

    I did read the Wikipedia article, but it hasn't changed much in over 10 years. The last time someone added new information was in 2010, and that got removed as copyright violation. However, this sounds very promising: Does this mean we can expect future laser diodes to have really high...
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    quantum dot lasers?

    I did find some websites claiming to have them for sale: https://www.laserdiodesource.com/shop/1310nm-6mW-TO-can-quantum-dot-QD-Laser http://ldselection.com/product/1548 https://imm-photonics.de/en/products/optoelectronics-and-components/laser-diodes-and-laser-diode-modules-from-qd-laser#c787
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    quantum dot lasers?

    I recently became aware there is a new class of solid-state lasers based on quantum dots. From what I gather, they're supposed to have really good specs. However, there doesn't seem to be much information about them. So my questions are: 1. How energy-efficient are quantum dot lasers compared...
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    a New sharp violet diode

    A long time ago, everyone said that all 405 nm lasers are single-mode. It seems this no longer the case. Considering that single-mode operation is required for optical disc drives, these diodes are likely intended for projectors and such.
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    a New sharp violet diode

    Are these lasers still single-mode? I didn't see anything this in the spec sheets, but other diodes with similar specs are apparently all multi-mode.