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ArcticMyst Security by Avery

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    What *NOT* to do with a Class IV Laser

    Lmao these comments! Better question would be how many years he had to wait to receive that arctic from wicked lasers?
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    4.5a driver?

    Nvm so the contact board is just so that the non round driver is able to make contact with the batteries as I understand. Is that correct?
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    4.5a driver?

    Thanks for the useful info guys. I wasnt sure if it would overheat but now I know! I will do what you said and just get the s4x host. I feel like a total noob right now but what is a contact board? I only made one laser so far and never used a contact board.
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    4.5a driver?

    I'm planning on building NUBM07E 465nm 5 watt found here: https://sites.google.com/site/dtrlpf/home/diodes/nubm07e-465nm-laser-diode This diode requires a driver of roughly 4.5amps to achieve 5 watts and 470nm. In planning on using an s4 or c6 host found on survival laser. The problem is I...
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    NUBM07E 465nm Laser Build !!!

    I am planning on building a laser with this diode but at 4.5 amps. Can someone suggest a seller who makes 4.5amp round drivers that could fit into the typical driver pill found in the c6 host? Very nice color by the way!
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    What *NOT* to do with a Class IV Laser

    Seriously, I don't know why they decided to send him a class IV laser with no prior instructions of use besides having goggles on. I cringed the most when he pointed the laser straight at his face to check if it was on. Even if you have goggles on there is still a risk if you get hit directly in...
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    What *NOT* to do with a Class IV Laser

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    Help appreciated

    Thanks guys! I appreciate all the quick responses from all of you!
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    Data sheets?

    Does anyone know where I can find a search engine of most if not all laser diodes and their respectable data sheets? Such help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure there is a link somewhere on lpf but I searched and have only found individual data sheets.
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    Help appreciated

    I have already built a ~1 watt 445nm laser that used a 1.25a driver but I followed a tutorial so I never understood how the process of choosing the correct driver works. My question is this How do you calculated what driver is required based on the diode being used. For example if I want to...