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    AT20 scanners

    I have a laser projector that uses Chinese made AT20 scanners and amps. The amps are in need of tuning, but I can't seem to find any schematic or diagram of the trim pots on the boards. Does anyone happen to know what each of the pots on these boards correspond to? Thanks.
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    New poster, long time lurker

    Hu friends. I signed up way back in 2011, but have only posted a couple of times here. I mostly lurk the forums here. So time for formal introduction... My name is Patrick, and I have been tinkering with lasers since 1992, with an affinity for laser light shows. I've always loved laser shows...
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    Dummy load for NUBM44?

    Thanks for the insight. How many rectifier diodes in series for the NUBM44? I will update my account with my location, and go introduce myself in the new members forum. Thanks!
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    Dummy load for NUBM44?

    I'm constructing a dummy load to set the current for an NUBM44. Wondering if 15SQ045 SCHOTTKY diodes are suitable? I know they are overkill rated at 15A for a laser diode that needs to be set to a maximum of 4.5a, but they are readily available to me. Just curious if the current rating on...
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    Broken LD pins

    I just purchased an NUB44 diode, and managed to sheer both pins off when I was pressing it into the heat sink. :( :( :( I think I might be able to solder onto the positive pin, but my question is about the negative pin. Is the case on this diode tied to the cathode? In other words, can I...
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    Portable Grid laser

    I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to toss in an idea on how this could be accomplished without an XY scanner. This would require 2 lasers, or one laser with a 50/50 beam splitter For one axis, pass the laser through a line generating optic or cylindrical lens like they use for laser...