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    Help with basic optics

    Hi Everyone, Thanks so much to you all for helping, It took me a while to test everything out as it was all in a few different places. But I have finally got the laser all set up and the beam is now staying narrow. The smallest point I seem to be able to get on my camera is a 5 cm across area...
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    Help with basic optics

    Thank you so much. I’ll try to do this later and get back to you. Thanks everyone for your help.
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    Help with basic optics

    I would like the beam diameter to be smaller than 100mm at about 2 metres away. With my current lens it is at about 14mm away. I have tried installing the lens in both directions. To move the focal point further away should the lens be close too or far from my laser?
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    Help with basic optics

    Hi everyone, I am very new to the site and inexperienced with lasers. I have currently got a project where I am using an ir camera (Kinect) to see an infrared laser (850nm 50mw laser diode). My issue is that my setup produces a very large beam at around 2m away. (With or without lens) I have...