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    Using galvanometers for a rastor scan?

    Mmm, they'd probably have to be fairly high spec galvos in that case (at least the x axis one)? I haven't got a huge budget! Noise isn't really an issue unless it gets obscene, this will just be a demo project to display short periods of live video without any sound. For the moment, I've...
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    Using galvanometers for a rastor scan?

    Thanks for the advice! I'll look further into using a polygon mirror at this point. I was optimistically hoping that I could just get some galvos and plug them straight in, but even at 60 lines 15fps, it's probably too fast.
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    Using galvanometers for a rastor scan?

    Hello :) I am currently devising a way of displaying the output from a 'spinning disc camera'. It's an approximate recreation of the first ever live TV camera made by John Logie Baird in 1936. It's outputting signals for position x and y (in a rastor scan pattern) and brightness over time. I...