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    JDSU Control connector reference

    For those of you lucky enough to have JDSU argon PSUs, here's a handy pinout reference I just hacked up: Let me know if I got anything wrong :P
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    Strange output from PHR-803t at low power

    So, I just got my PHR build up and running, and I noticed that at low power, there seems to be output alongside the main output that is definitely not just 405nm. goninanbl00d suggested that something inside the diode's can is fluorescing, and I find this to be the most plausible answer...
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    WTB: Your unused diodes and modules.

    So, I have somewhere around 9000 hosts that are collecting dust due to my lack of lasers to put in them. If you're in the opposite situation and have more diodes or modules than you know what to do with, I will certainly consider buying them if you're willing to ship to Australia. Also, happy...
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    Rayfoss RF-405-20mW

    So, I got my newest laser today :) www.rayfoss.com Shipping took maybe three weeks, but it got through customs. So far, I'm very satisfied. I don't have an LPM, but it smokes some plastics quite quickly, and I've heard that rayfoss pointers can be quite overspec. I'll be metering it on the...
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    Hey all! Some of you know me from laserchat, but I've delayed registering until now because the only lasers I own are crappy red pointers. Now I have a rayfoss 30mW green module on the way, plus some aixiz modules and stuff. I've been interested in lasers since I was quite young, and now my...