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  1. ferrarihong

    NDS-7175 Skyblue LD ?

    I found a new LD infor. about Nichia's website. its "NDS 7175" Skyblue. it reads 488nm skyblue with 2W output @1.9A driven. if it's true, it would be remarkable new blue LD that is actually comparable to the visibility of a 1-watt greeny...
  2. ferrarihong

    Gun-type host

    . is there anyone who prefer gun-type host? this is draft render of my first gun-type host. using push-lock LED button & OMRON micro switch for trigger. applying integrated grip guard for enhanced heat dissipation.
  3. ferrarihong

    Adaptation of electric smoking module

    hi~ i'm smoke a pack of cigarettes per day, and don't like electric cigarettes. electric cigarellets commonly uses 18650 or 18350 batteries as a power source and its battery holders are modular designed. some of it has 510 thread. also it has power-button. maybe it can be used to laser...
  4. ferrarihong

    Switch wiring for dual button

    Hi~ this is wiring diagram i made for dual switch setup. conventional rubber or silicon click buttons are unable to verify whether they are ON or OFF states currently, so sometimes it is somewhat dangerous to load battery and capping it. Using 12V 3A chrome push-lock button on the rear and...
  5. ferrarihong

    White beam LD ?

    As you guys know that a conventional white LED is consist of blue LED + yellow phosphor, new white laser diodes (if currently under-developed) will be unveiled as a blue LD with yellow phosphor combination. recently announced laser-driven headlights such as the BMW and Audi, it is also...
  6. ferrarihong

    Just joined

    Hello~ I'm new, finally joined LPF! i'm lived in south Korea. i'm really poor at english. but trying to sync this forum. many thanks~:thanks: