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    LM317/LM338 2x 16850 voltage not enough?

    Hi! I've NDB7875 Diode and LM338 Regulator.I used .7(.666) Ohm resistor on LM338, expecting 1.7A Current. Are 2x 16850 batteries enough if I want around 1.5A current? I tried using 2x 16850 and it's only around 600mA, I tried 3s Lipo and it's working, 1.55A. I just wanna be sure before I extend...
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    Laser power rating question

    Hi! Pls help me understand laser power rating. Im newb at electronics. If the laser diode is rated for ex. 1.6W does it mean, if Im putting 4V to the laser, I shouldn't be pulling more than 400mA since 4V x .4mA = 1.6W even if my laser diode Current rating is 1.7A? How about when Using...