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  1. JayC

    LaserGlow Anser smudged dot?

    Here's a comparison with my LG Galileo (Left) and LG Anser (Right). Why is my Anser so scattered and messed up?
  2. JayC

    LaserBTB Overspec?

    I just purchased a 450nm 5mw blue laser from LaserBTB and I'm quite happy with it. It had an FDA sticker on it and comparing it with my 5mw Anser from LaserGlow - known for their very high quality true mw lasers - I made the judgement that my LaserBTB one was also 5mw, or at least very close...
  3. JayC

    5mw Lasers + Extremely Foggy Night = AWESOME

    It was extremely foggy today and I was able to get some crazy beam shots out of my Laser Glow 5mw Green Anser and 5mw Red Libra. Being in a polluted city, I usually never get their beams, even at night... except for tonight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_clK2-BBK3Y Got any cool foggy laser...
  4. JayC

    Need help finding the right green laser... still

    I've just finished reading the "Guide to buying your first green laser" and I'm still having trouble finding the right laser. I currently have an Anser from LaserGlow. Right now I'm looking for a green laser that I can use for astronomy - No I will not point it at planes -. In summary, I need a...
  5. JayC

    What battery does my laser need?

    Hello. I ordered a cheap 20 dollar 532nm green laser from Ebay about a month ago and it finally arrived. I didn't notice until now that the listing said it didn't come with a battery. I have two concerns. My first concern is that on the warning label it says "Max output power <5000mw" which...
  6. JayC

    Pros and Cons about Pot Modding?

    I'm still new to lasers. I have a 532nm 5mw laser (Anser) from LaserGlow. I'm quite happy with it and don't intend to do any modifications with it. I saw a lot of youtube videos talking about pot modding and I wasn't sure what to make of it. Is it ever a good idea? Can every laser be pot modded...
  7. JayC

    Looking For a Specific Red Laser

    Hello! I'm on the lookout for a red laser where the beam is easily visible in a dark room and outside at night. I don't mind if it it can burn or not, although it would be a nice bonus if it could. I'm looking for something with a similar form factor to the wicked lasers nano. I would be...
  8. JayC

    Good Youtube Laser Channels

    Hello everyone! I've been watching youtube user StyroPyro for a while and I've been wondering if someone could suggest another good Youtuber who reviews laser products. I'm still learning about lasers and I'm hoping to find a good channel where I can see a lot of different company lasers being...
  9. JayC

    What's the deal with Wicked Lasers?

    I want to start off by saying that I'm new to lasers and I am currently learning the terminology and specs of certain lasers. Before purchasing a great starter laser from Ebay with the help of this forum, I did a lot of research about lasers. It didn't take long for the name "Wicked Lasers" to...
  10. JayC

    What should I get for my first laser?

    Hello everyone. I'm quite interested in adding lasers to my collection of hobbies, and from what I've seen so far, there are many lasers and there are a lot that are not meant for beginners... I really want a laser that has a visible beam (Preferably Green or Red) and can burn things, but I...