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  1. starlight


    I wanted to thank a couple member for being the asshole that we all knew you we're. There is nothing nicer or more mature than to attack a guy when they are down and many of you didn't shy away from proving it. Even have guys that have no beef taking shots! we got some real dicks here that's...
  2. starlight

    UV glow ink

    I have obtained a jar of glow ink and was wondering if you guys had any cool ideas. I know we have glow powder and many use it since it glows without the aid of UV light but what kinda uses can we come up with for glow ink. The intended purpose for the ink is automotive companies use it for...
  3. starlight

    And another one

  4. starlight

    Strike 3 I'm out !

    Well the time has come to depart LPF. I just decided tonight that it was time to go and after several discussions with members and mods. I see way to many dishonest members surf away under the protection of the mods. I've had two separate members screw me over in the b/s/t section and then...
  5. starlight

    neg rep happy?

    What makes this member so angry so often that he waves the neg rep wand everywhere he goes? I know others have noticed it and don't like it either because tthey've told me.
  6. starlight

    Wanted lab style heatsinks

    Looking for lab style heatsinks for a few diodes I have already purchased. Thanks for any help.
  7. starlight

    How to unsubscribe from a thread?

    I cannot find a way to unsubscribe from threads. I don't mind updates but to many desperate souls here bump their thread everyday and you check in to read "bump". I see the drop down has a subscribe tab but I can't figure out how to unsubscribe. And yes I tried the link at the bottom of the...
  8. starlight

    Lockheed Martin ATHENA

    Lockheed Martin destroyed a truck engine from 1 mile away with a laser. The video also shows the laser melt the hull of a boat so it sinks it for combat situations. If everyone had one all fighting would be over. Laser weapon melts truck engine from a mile away - CNN Video Really like the...
  9. starlight

    xxxxx thumbs down for dishonesty

    Contacted seller for a few things he was selling only to get lied to. He told me in a PM he was busy and would get back with me the next day. Before I ever got the return PM he posts in the sale thread he just sold it to another member. He reply now is he got confused with to many PM's. There...
  10. starlight

    Sharpest ever view of the Andromeda Galaxy

    Saw this today and thought it was cool Sharpest ever view of the Andromeda Galaxy | ESA/Hubble cool video of it ?v=udAL48P5NJU&feature=youtu.be
  11. starlight

    Who are moderators?

    I have spent the last hour looking through the forum for the moderator list. I stumbled across it before but today I would like to see it and cannot find it? Why it isn't a STICKY at the top of every thread is beyond me. If anyone has the patients to steer me in the right direction I would...
  12. starlight

    bought one thanks

    I'm looking for a laser power meter. I will only buy a complete set up ready to use out of the box. I would like it to have quick read time (don't like the 20-30 seconds for accuracy) and semi portably would be nice. I need it to read up to 5 watts for my purpose. Also if there is anything you...
  13. starlight

    Pet Peeves

    I started this on another forum many years ago and it was a hit so I'm adding one here :eg: This is the place to post minor annoyances you may have or an experience that you need off your chest. Please do not use this thread to attack others or write negative stuff about one and other or take...
  14. starlight

    Replacing tailcap switch in flashlight Where to Find?

    Any chance I can fix and/or buy a new driver for my flashlights? Today I went experimenting with a flashlight and killed it. Then I used another one to begin testing what part broke. I found out buy breaking both flashlights :( It looks like (actually smells like) I have fried the drivers in...
  15. starlight

    Help wiring DLP color wheel

    Hello all you out there. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have recently been collection old big screen TV's (6 so far) for the fs mirrors and lenses. I have pulled a couple of color wheels and have what I believe is a good one and want to power it. Can anyone with electrical...
  16. starlight

    Pirelli prototype tires using laser beams

  17. starlight

    Lenses & First Surface Mirrors from DLP & CRT big screen TVs (pic heavy)

    Well a few weeks ago at a friends house I saw he had a old DLP TV in the garage. I told him I wanted it for the mirrors and whatever else I might find...he said "take it". I went back over the weekend and grab the TV. The DLP was a 61 inch RCA made in 2004. Picture of TV projector that will...
  18. starlight

    Help with Adobe flash player

    Can't get settings message to go away!! :( In the last few months Adobe flash player has destroyed my ability to watch video online. I have used google I have asked everyone I know face to face and have updated everything on my PC I can to no avail. I can't get the message to disappear and...
  19. starlight

    Wanted G9 or G2 lens and a focus ring

    Hello LPF members :). What I'm looking for is a G9 or G2 lens. I also would like to buy a separate focus ring. prefer in the US for shipping cost. Thanks, starlight