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    Restore Solder Paste that's getting dry?

    not sure which forum this belongs in... but here it is: Has anyone ever successfully 'thinned' solder paste that's gotten a bit stiff? A while back I bought a supply of it from DX; but then became unable to use it... Now I'm beginning to claw my way back up to where I can do a bit of hobbying...
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    Mini red: AAA size, 230mW out

    SOLD - Mini red: AAA size, 230mW out - SOLD SOLD! (off-line, to a neighbor, for $125) ---------------------------------------------- LD: open-can red from Sony/NEC 20X burner Driver: DrLava's v3 Host: TANK007 TK-703 from DealExtreme (DX#26988) Battery: one AAA size Lithium rechargeable (2...
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    Virtual Village - bad experience

    I'd like to hear from other people who've ordered from VV. Good, or bad? I recommend you watch out for them, they can really nail you for shipping multiple items! When I ordered several lenses, they charged me their regular shipping rate for each one! I did see that on the checkout page...
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    my 6X blu-ray sled observs - 295mW !! (then death)

    First I must start with a disclaimer: my observations are likely to be crude and unscientfic compared to what others can do - I only have brief times to play with this stuff, often terminated  unexpectedly and abruptly; so am not very organized or methodical. That said... The day after...
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    help with programmable logic chips?

    I've been trying to mess with programmable logic chips and such... have no problem defining the logic (havng been a programmer for ~30 yrs), and designing circuits is pretty easy. But I'm having a real problem getting the logic to the chip! I can't seem to find the right software to go between...
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    No notifications - FIXED

    I'm not getting any notifications - and nothing has changed on this end - what's up?
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    extremely slow loading

    For the past week or so the site has been extremely sluggish - taking literally minutes to completely load some pages. Is it just me? No other sites are acting that way.
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    buyers beware: BlueFusion fraud

    edited 6/10/2008 to change title. Still no package received in spite of promises by BlueFusion that my item is on its way; conclusion must be that I've been scammed. [hr]original post: has anyone actually received any item from BlueFusion? he's a month overdue on a deal with me - has promised...
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    Raffle Goggles ==> Safely Giggles!

    I want to post a huge Thank You!! to FrothyChimp, aka OEM Laser Systems for furnishing the 2nd prize in the LPF raffle... to me! I just received them yesterday - they're great! (Model: NOR-DIA-EN207) Very comfortable. They even have a snap-in Rx lense holder! (you supply the...
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    Protection from your Protection Cap

    just to update, emphasize, and reinforce a few other posts I've made: blown another diode, even though you're using a protection capacitor? ==> put a resistor in parallel with that cap! <== you can use a surface-mount, between the diode pins! With most drivers, 1K or so in parallel will...
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    Free (almost) metal project boxes

    I posted this idea in the DIY power meter topic, but it might be useful to others too: People often ask where to get metal project boxes... and I found an excellent source for free! Having paid $27 or so each for DVD burners just to get the laser diodes, when another project came up I decided...
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    Liberty Torch powered by a single 18650

    This is my new red burner. It powers an Optnext hl6545mg diode from a group buy at Photonlexicon using a single rechargeable lithium cell (18650 size) in a modified DX Romisen RC-M4 flashlight. To get current regulation with very low overhead I used a circuit posted by Phenol. The name "Liberty...
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    Blu-ray in a DX greenie CR2 housing

    Nobody sent me any dead greenies from DX as I had asked, so this may become one-of-a-kind... This was a pretty easy mod. The DX red modules here fit almost perfectly into the DX green CR2-powered body once all the guts are removed. I don't like tail-switches, and wanted to use a push-button...
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    Sony 20x burners $24 at Newegg

    ... with free shipping! just saw this... these are really easy to disassemble (open-can diode). DanQ
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    dead DX CR2-powered greenies wanted

    I've found a use for the housings of CR2-powered green lasers from DX - specifically these products: 10093 - (Genuine New Wish 5mW Green Laser Pen (One CR2 Battery)) 7883 - (30mW Flashlight-Style Green Laser (CR2)) 7116 - (Professional Green Laser 10mW (CR2 Powered)) If anyone has any, in good...
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    wanted: Sticky for Circuits of Common  Driver

    I hope I'm not asking for something already here, but haven't seen this anywhere - is there a thread of circuit schematics for common drivers? Like what's in flashlights ( eg Dorcy), drop-in boards (AMC7135), LM317, the simple 2-transistor, etc. It would be nice to have a moderated thread, with...
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    Reed Switches for secret safety switch - DONE

    this is done - all spoken for. but feel free to PM me if you want some - if there's enough interest I'll make up an order for some of the really tiny switches, 1/4" long - better than what I got on eBay - but will cost 75c each + mailing expenses (unless I find another cheap source) [hr] Got...
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    hidden safety/power level switch idea

    Got some tiny magnetic reed switches really cheap yesterday (25c), and did a little testing... found that a DX neodymium mini-magnet will activate them at about 1/2 inch distance through shrink tubing. So... my next laser will have a built-in hidden switch that will change it from a 5mw pointer...
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    Burner diode report - sort of...

    Well, I finally broke down and ordered a 20x burner for the diode - a Sony NEC Optiarc 20X AD-7190A The diode was amazingly easy to get out - no pressing needed, just pried it out with an exacto blade! It's an open-can, so needed to be a little bit careful - but got it right into a housing...
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    my latest Blu-Ray 'mod'

    This was a combo modification - I used parts from 2 very different units. I wanted to use 3.6V rechargeables, and wanted it to be thin like an AA type. The rechargeable 16400's are supposed to be AA size. So I ordered some of them and a Romisen RC-P3 flashlight from DX that seemed to be right...