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  1. juncosare

    Responsibility Please!!

    Just wanted to post this up to just keep in our thoughts that having any powered laser anywhere come with a huge responsibility. The new revised laws in hawaii are still not as extreme as other states but, they could lead to swift action if not cared for. So please, be Akamai and don't ruin it...
  2. juncosare

    Aloha, Reintroduction

    Hello everyone and good evening! Just wanted to reintroduce myself to the forum for its been many years since iv'e used this site and wanted to reconnect for maintenance purposes on my 501B laser I purchased from Blord a while back. It's nice to see the new build options considering a lot of new...
  3. juncosare

    Aloha Everyone!!!

    Aloha everyone! my name is jun! I got my first yobresal 445 1 w from this forum and was definitely worth it! The laser was the center of fascination to my daughter and girlfriend who've never seen a UV beam in real life. That was until someone jacked our laser from my car when we were out...
  4. juncosare

    2w wanted!!

    I'm looking to buy a 2w blue laser if anybody is selling one. Possibly under or close to $200.00:thanks: