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    Dog eats popcorn

    Just another lazy thursday afternoon  8-) http://s166.photobucket.com/albums/u89/Chief-Eamonn/?action=view&current=Dogeatspopcornh.flv
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    Chiefs new RPL Blue! (15mw)

    Well i finally saved up enough money to buy my RPL blue.  8-) It arrived in the post on monday but i wasn't able to get down to the post office before 5pm so i had to wait till the following morning. :-/ After a whole night of watching bowflex ads on t.v (which i have to say is a QUALITY...
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    Post name thingos! 8D

    Hmm just noticed realy our 'level' system of post count names is rather dull :-? anybody think we should make up a new list of names for post counts? id like to see a theme about lasers or something about steve.. ;D
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    Chief got Banned! 8 o

    I tried to log on today to raise my post count. (as i do every day ;)) and i got a message saying ive been banned?? :o
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    Wickeds shiny new Photonic Distributor Series!

    Wickeds latest toy is out! The Photonic Distributor Series! http://www.wickedlasers.com/lasers/Photonic_Disruptor_Series-65-3.html Well what do we think? ;D i certainly wouldnt mind one! ::)
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    nice surprise

    Last week misplaced my safety dongle for my Alpha 105 so i emailed nova asking them what i should do i was expecting a bill so they can ship me another but instead there sending me it for free! ;D all the way from canada! Thanks Nova you made my day! ;) (I tried posting this on LC but was...