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  1. Miya

    GH04W10A2GC 2W violet laser (silent hill)

    i am a jedi... master windu :cool: 1.4A current It is 2w very bright!. and One month survival :love: It was photographed a little pink. but In fact, this is light purple Not a very good host I need portability. and can not be used for long
  2. Miya

    HL63153AT help!!!

    i have question about the HL63153AT red laser https://www.worldstartech.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/HL63153AT-1.pdf Is this better than TG and DG?. I hope it is capable of 400mw output
  3. Miya

    Violet 1.3w pen

    I like scary places like Silent Hill :) if you want violet color it must be shot Before sunrise or before darkness On average, violet is perceived as blue in a completely dark place CAT !!! :ROFLMAO:
  4. Miya

    1.3w Sharp Violet laser

    This diode is durable :D If want to make it in a flashlight. i recommend Flex V.5 driver less than 1.1Amp current set and 18650 one battery if want Pen type.. R200 Chinese driver 1amp fixed current...
  5. Miya

    Sharp 405nm 1.3w

    This violet diode is better than BDR-209 and S06J. However, the beam quality is lower than that of a single mode diode. Point size is also larger than single mode. i like this multi violet :love: Power consumption is low and lifetime is good
  6. Miya


    PLP520B1 diodes has been discontinued. B2 is being sold now. i want know about the B2 diode Is it better than the PL520?:)
  7. Miya

    GH04955A2G Sharp 495nm laser pen build

    This is my another new laser unique pen build This body is not the original color . I changed original this... https://lmlaser.en.alibaba.com/product/60402296223-213303085/LM203G_Powerful_Laser_Pen_USB_Rechargeable_532nm_Green_Laser_Pointer_50mW.html?spm=a2700.icbuShop.41413.27.4128603axnd3VG...
  8. Miya

    405nm 1.3w pen build GH04W10A2GC

    i think long time.. I had enjoyed playing cosplay. And I accidentally killed many diodes. There have been many incidents.. but i fun. I purchased a sharp 405nm 350mw diode in Techhood. My pen build NDG7475 (died) -> Sharp 405nm 350mw 2Pin..... i forgot the driver photos:p Driver is...
  9. Miya

    NDG4216 515nm review in the fog

    Hello guys this is NDG4216 laser build. I went to a mountain full of mist. It was like Silent Hill. :p I think there is a ghost in this world Someday I'll meet them. I realized one more thing ... my NDG7475 was not 515nm Someone on this forum said my NDG7475 is not 515nm that's right!. however...
  10. Miya

    BDR-209 advice

    Hello everyone i want re make BDR-209 1W build next time I lost more than 10 violet lasers. many reason... Sudden death.. fever. 2Pin diode.... i can Resolve 2Pin now! 1W or more How many years have you used it when you set it? please give me advice :)
  11. Miya

    Sharp 638nm 185mw pen laser build

    Sharp red is nice diode. It was bright and sharp the beam. I think it is as good as the 532nm green laser:yh: output = with G-2 250mw maybe... Battery = AAA 2 use 05:30 clock... I would like red laser with 1W or more to have sharp divergence. however 185mw diode is darker...
  12. Miya

    Powerful Upgrade ( humor post )

    Today i show you humor post What kind of diode is the first one?
  13. Miya

    Hello LPF guys

    i am a cosplayer And like adventure.:D I wanna to learn a lot of information and fellowship I want to make a purple emperor someday. a single mode Watt violet... :crackup:
  14. Miya

    1W 515nm in the mountains

    I went to the mountains in the evening. It has been getting dark since 7 o'clock. 19 clock.. ? Night!!! YEAH :D This is a weather station and There is a fog around it. :wave::wave::wave::wave::wave: nice night for a walk :) My NDG7475 is 1.4A current set. Can not exceed...
  15. Miya

    NDG7475 Pen beam shot

    Hello guys This is my NDG7475 Pen Build. output : with G-2 lens 930mw maybe... Gold and White pen is beautiful :na: :lasergun: i love 515nm color. :crackup: