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    PlayStation 2 with a bunch of extras

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    I think Im might cell my laser, I need a 360 really badly :-( :'( :'( :'( Anyway, theres pictures and clips of it burning stuff in here http://vimeo.com/323979 PM if interested.
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    Xbox with controllers and extras

    Yup. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250172721040
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    What should

    I get with 30 dollars? I would like a greenie.
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    Thanks for Gazoo and Senkat for all the help. Video has pictures, and clips http://vimeo.com/323979
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    Wow, make your own free laser show

    http://www.metacafe.com/watch/825350/amazing_laser_pointer_light_show_easy_to_make/ Hmm..ganna have to try that someday.
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    Question about MW's on diffrent lasers

    I have a few questions on mw on diffrent colored lasers. When I first got here, 250mw red was good, then I see people pot modding, to get from 5mw green to like 10mw. Well whats the point? It still wont burn anything, right? Cause I thought only about like....80mw you can burn. Then, people...
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    Laser Goggles for red laser

    Where can I get them for under...40 dollars shipped? I cant really find anything on ebay... if anyone could help, itd be great.
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    How far

    Can you guys flush your plastic black lens down into the aixz housing? I still have like.... .5 to 1 mm left, and it wont go in! I tried cleaning it, and everything
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    Getting the LD from a burner

    I got a 20x dvd burner, and I tried to get the ld out, is this the right one? And how do I get the heatsink off?
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    Focusing the AIXZ lens

    I cant focus the lens..I screwed it in as far as it would go, and its still a big blob, any help? Thanks
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    Should me minimag be able to power up a single red led?
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    Is there anyway to see which is postive and which is negative on a minimag, without a multimeter? I cant find mine, Ive looked EVERYWHERE. :-(
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    Question about getting the LD into the AIX housing

    I cant get it in :-( Any suggestions?
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    B> Red Laser Goggles

    Im buying any red laser goggles. I have 40 dollars... Anyone?
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    Im buying some laser googles. I only have 30 dollars, if anyone will take me up on that deal. Pleaseeeee :'(
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    Is this right?

    For the kill your LD slowly? Im wondering, how do I fit this into a AIX brass module, and into a minimag? Any help? Thanks-
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    Question about the method to "slowly kill" your LD

    Hey guys, I remember someone told me that if I buy a cap. and some 10 ohm resistors i can slowly kill my LD with a minimag :o Well, I went to radioshack and got 0.1UF Polyester Film Cap(2) 0.001 UF Ceremic Disk Cap(2) 10-Ohm 1/4 watt 5% tolerance(5) 10-Ohm 1/2 watt 5% tolerance(5) I didnt...