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    Dragon vs. Wocked goggles

    Dragon vs. Wicked goggles I hope this hasn't been posted before. I've been searching for about 45 minutes now for it lol. Basically, I'm wondering which of the two, dragonlasers.com and wickedlasers.com, has the better quality/protection safety goggles? I'm getting a V2 dilda red any day now...
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    Good red/blu driver?

    http://o-like.com/b2b_cpinfo.asp?id=987 80-500ma CC. Any good for making DIY red/blu?
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    MXDL, no 3 ohm resistor?

    Hey I just got my MXDL host in a few days ago, and I measured the resistor at 5 ohms. I thought these were supposed to come with a 3 ohm resistor? Anybody know a good place I can get some at?
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    Anyone bought this?

    Has anyone heard anything about this laser? http://www.focalprice.com/100mW_532nm_Fat_Beam_Green_Laser_Black_LP073B_6864.html I'm interested in getting it if it's like 60mw or greater. Anybody have any words of wisdom :D
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    New press-fit tool

    I don't know if anybody has thought of this yet, but I used a inflation needle, the kind you inflate balls with, to press a diode and it worked great. You just pull the needle off of the base, and use the base to press fit. It's the perfect size and I bet just about everyone has one laying...