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    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Wow! Might be time to dip into the "never to be touched fund"...
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    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode

    OK, will keep in mind. Benn around here long enough I should have know better. Back to the diode. Thinking of decanning. Would heat as in heat from a hot air rework station break the gball to diode base bond??? Is the can glued or soldered? Id like to keep the lens intact. My "hoarding"...
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    Video Projector Zoom/Focus Assembly as Beam Expander

    Oops, king of necroposting. Lol! Im experimenting with the same thing here. Same lens, but a nub03 with gball intact. Finding that without decanning I need another lens such as a g2 to first expand before entering the projector assembly. Lots of glass to pass through but initial bench tests...
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    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode

    Don't think blues are going anywhere due to your last point. Now diode form factor may change to something we may not like.
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    Broken 532nm <500mw laser. "Diode works" but there is a presumed issue with the circuit board. First time on the forum in 4 years.

    Possible the glue holding the crystal assembly loosened. Alignment is not an easy job, neither is regluing. Very risky and difficult procedure to DIY! Been there, done that, wont do it again!
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    Zapping Nuclear waste with extreme laser

    I still think the placement into a subduction zone idea has merit. By the time any burps up in a volcano it will be extremely dilute and or been long past the halflife of even the longest of the radionuclides. Plus, will earth even be habitable to anything recognizable by us?
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    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode

    To keep the gball lens I think I would need to expand the focused beam with a G2 then run it through the projector lens. Did something similar many years ago with a 200mw 532. I scratched the original proprietary collimating lens, rigged up a wide angle telescope eyepiece to catch the 532s...
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    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode

    Just got mine up and running tonight with the gball lens intact. Actually, the fast axis divergence isn't that bad. Maybe Ive had too many num44s though:LOL: My first direct green. Not much difference in color from 532nm but then again Id have to do a side by side. I have a few LCD projector...
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    Black buck 5.5A reverse polarity fuse location

    Ok, update on the totally off topic Adderall. On Her second refill. I'm seriously thinking of packing my shit up in boxes and gettingTFO! Hell, she'll probably pack them for me not knowing my intentions. At least three to four hrs of cleaning every evening. Toothbrush to the grout type...
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    Black buck 5.5A reverse polarity fuse location

    Good point, Ive decanned my fair share of diodes. Usually due to burning the window from debris. Im a lens changing fool, I try to take precautions but eventually it will happen. With these high power diodes, all it takes is a microsecond for the glass to melt. Of course, if anything falls...
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    Black buck 5.5A reverse polarity fuse location

    Yes, I know exactly what it is. Its her first time using it and absolutely loves it so yes, now a speed freak. BTW, just blew my diode. Freaking alligator clip from PS briefly disconnected and reconnected, got a nice LED now. Was thinking of the NUGM03 525 diode. Any opinion on that diode?
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    Black buck 5.5A reverse polarity fuse location

    No prob, havent even messed with it yet. Been too busy with other "issues". As far as women there has to be a few good ones out there that don't hate our hobbies. Mines a middle school teacher, been married 15yrs. She was OK until kids, now an uptight nun that I avoid like the plague. I...
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    Black buck 5.5A reverse polarity fuse location

    Thanks, got dig through my "hoarded" parts., got probably a thousand or so various FETs to chose from, sure a FQP47P06 is in there somewhere. Is it just me or do all you guys do a certain amount of parts "hoarding"? Il take a heat gun, hell, even hold it off the propane grill and heat the...
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    Black buck 5.5A reverse polarity fuse location

    Any specific MOSFET you would recommend? Just for ease of availability in parts bin preferably a TO-220 package..
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    Black buck 5.5A reverse polarity fuse location

    Well, apparently the fuse didn't protect the driver. Diode is fine, tested on my PS (one thing wife didn't pack away). I jumped the fuse with a small piece of solder wick and no dice. All solder connections are proper, not bridging other components. Not sure what fried, no obvious damage...
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    Black buck 5.5A reverse polarity fuse location

    Thank you! Thats the one I suspected. Guess Ill just jump it until or if I ever get around to finding a replacement. Fish out of water with no meter, guess I could rig something up with a button cell and a led.
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    Black buck 5.5A reverse polarity fuse location

    Long-time no see fellas! Getting back in the light amplifier hobby after some time off. I used DTRs excellent service to obtain a num44 V2 and a blackbuck 5.5A driver. I had it working but was testing with two 18650s outside a host and made the rookie mistake of connecting power in reverse...
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    Exciting news about Blu-ray lasers and fossils

    Lol! I'm a little late to reply but yeah, even though no harm would be done it would be front page news, seriously! I've actually worked in the vault that contains the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Compared to minerals those documents can easily be damaged by...
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    gonna try a 375nm pointer build...

    I discovered the eye lens floureceing thing a few years ago, weird effect. Showed my wife and tried it on her but it showed little if any effect on her. Were both in our forties, only 19 days apart age wise, no she never had a lens replacement surgery. Maybe mine are "aged" from too much sun...
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    what is the laser used in observatories?

    Yeah, those guide star lasers are incredible, incredibly expensive as well. DPSS lasers are expensive at high powers, especially with lesser used wavelengths. I wonder if there ever will be a commercial use for yellow diodes. I think RGB covers all the bases needed for display tech, can't...