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    Pretty awesome Spider-man inspired device

    Hey guys, I just saw this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXp0XQYJAT4, and what he built looks really cool. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any written info about it or tutorial. But still, I would like to build something similar. - Before he shows the harpoon-gun, what does he fire at...
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    Lazerer - almost a month and it's still "pending"

    So on the third of November (11/03/12) I ordered a pair of 'T-rex' goggles from Lazerer (==LAZERER== Laser Pointer in Green, Red, Blue with Real Genius Granteed Power for Sale). It said the goggles were in stock. It's been about a month now, and the order status? "Pending". Nothing really...
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    For Sale| 1.2-1.3W 445nm in C6 - PRICE DROP

    Hi all, I'm putting this 1.2-1.3W blue laser in C6 host up for sale. Look at the bottom for some options and prices :) Videos of it burning: GWTLBeo7wNk&feature=channel&list=UL FVnLxCpQoa4&feature=channel&list=UL Pfcd1FsxA20&feature=plcp Specs: Driver: X-boost set on 1.3A Diode...
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    1.3W 445nm in C6 (how dull.)

    Hi, My turn came :) Didn't have it measured but it burns better then my other M140 on the same current (That measured at 1.26W) so I assume it's ±1.3W :) I also got a black focus adapter for this one :D Specs: Driver: X-boost set on 1.3A Battery: 1x18650 Diode: M140 Lens: Aixiz Three...
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    C3 - Black or silver?

    Hey all, as you know, there are two versions of the UltraFire C3 (maybe more), the black anodized aluminum: And silver stainless steel version: Which one do you like better? :)
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    Red laser goggles

    Hello, can someone link me to good red laser goggles for ~30$? I need OD 4 or so, because I'm gonna use them for 200mW's. OD 3 is good also. Now, these are excellent: Red Laser Safety Glasses & Goggles | Dragon Lasers However, the shipping price is 18$...
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    Favorite BIG host

    Same discussion as with the small hosts, but obviously, this is for big hosts. I'm gonna start: The "Sabre", Spyder Arctic, RL-2088, and hopefully - GEX :eg:
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    What is your favorite SMALL host?

    Hi, I thought it will be nice if each will comment with his favorite host, that fits in the small hosts category. I don't have a precise setting for "small" but if it looks small to you, feel free to post it here. Sure you can write not only one favorite hosts but your top 3, top 5 or...
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    32650 Charger - anyone?

    I found it pretty rare, and these are 22$ rechargeable batteries, I will need a charger for them. And please link me to a trustable site, not one of these suspicious chinese ones that nobody have heard of :whistle:
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    Poll: a host section to the forums

    Hey there, The laser host is one of the most important thing when building a laser. There is a huge variety of hosts out there, from small flashlights, to big flashlights, to custom machined and more. I think we should have a section for discussion of hosts alone. In the section, beside...
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    Arctic host

    Hello, I saw the feeler, it actually looked great but I have no idea why they canceled it. Now, since I don't have an arctic so I can't sketch a replica of the host, I bet the creators of the feeler must have blueprints of it, and even if it didn't turn out I can go to a machinist and give him...
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    Feeler| RL-2088 Heatsink

    So I talked to Eud about heatsinks for the RL-2088 (AKA Frankenstein) and he said he doesn't keep such big aluminium blocks. So then I asked him how many people will it take so he can make a batch. If >20 people are interested in sinks for the RL-2088, he can make them for 30$ each. What do...
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    Voltage output of piezoelectric in lighter

    So you know in some lighters you'll find a little element that when clicked, outputs a short pulse of voltage that ignites the lighter's gas. It uses a piezoelectric element, but my question is how much voltage does it put out in a click? My multimeter doesn't get really high to test it. Is...
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    Idea- Portable CO2 laser?

    Ok, when I say portable I don't mean something you can put in your pocket. It will be big and heavy, but more like a gun sort of design. So CO2 tubes need a power supply that outputs a few tens or hundreds of KV and just a few micro amps. So basically, we can take a huge 6V battery with maybe...
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    555 timer boost drive?

    Hi, I was wondering - I saw that most boost drivers have a small IC that outputs PWM signals to the rest of the circuit. I guess all these IC's do is PWM the voltage.. The ones that I saw are quite rear and pricey. I know that a 555 timer, can also generate PWM, and it is much cheaper. Why not...
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    Case postive, case negative, newb question

    This explains my question very well: How does the other end of the battery contacts the driver? The driver has only one contact with the battery, and two with the LD. I might have drawn the negative and positive of the battery oppsite but you know what I mean. And also, if I get a host with...
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    The Lens Really is that important!

    Hey all, I'm pretty sure most of you already know this, but I just like sharing and I was surprized. So, a month ago, I managed to burn and engrave black plastic, using the cheap underspeced 50mW 405nm laser. All I had to do is add between the laser and the plastic a 200mm F4L lens :eg: That...
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    PHR805T diodes for cheap

    Hey, just wanted to share with you: New PHR805T 120mW 405nm TO18 Laser Diode/Uncut-PIN Violet Laser Diode/2 Pcs | eBay Cheap shipping, Top Rated Seller, and it's pretty hard to find these diode today.. Plus, he sold hundreds of other diodes, I bet if the diodes weren't good so many people won't...
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    Anyone selling preassembled Benboosts?

    Hello, I went to check the prices to make my own Benboost but here in Israel all the components are more expensive so I figured it will kinda be the same price for me to buy components and solder, and for someone here to do it for me. Soo I searched and searched here on the forum and in google...
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    FEELER: Pre-assembled Benboost for 5$ round 2?

    Hello, I saw the GB about Benboost about all the components for just 2.26$ and pre assembled for 5, but I also saw that the guy who owns the thread has not been active, answering mail or PM's for more than two weeks. Even though, I think bulk buying the component's for the ben boost is a really...