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  1. 13steiau

    Help stop .s.o.p.a.

    Stop SOPA here SOPA explained - basically anything you post to the Internet or take from the Internet that is copyrighted is a felony if this passes https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-sopa-2013/LMzMVrQF#thank-you=p
  2. 13steiau

    Lazerer and PayPal

    So I'm a little confused at this point the owner of lazerer has finally contacted me about the DOA laser I received from him 3 weeks ago, after I opened a Paypal dispute. He is saying all my emails went to his spam box. However he wants me to close the dispute and he will send me another laser...
  3. 13steiau

    Need help with collimating lens

    I need a replacement lens for this http://i39.tinypic.com/23vhi7l.jpg If anyone has some and can install it I would pay for the part and shipping both ways
  4. 13steiau

    WANTED sdlaser 303 focusing head

    if anyone has a sdlaser 303 focusing head they no longer need I would gladly purchase it from you to replace my now (as of now) ruined lens It looks like this http://i40.tinypic.com/2sb7ok6.jpg
  5. 13steiau

    Laser lens fuzzy haze

    I know what the issue is I burnt electric tape to clue up and the burnt residue is now on the lens I cannot get it off, I tried alcohol with cotton swabs, compressed air and nothing any other ideas. Pic of the dot (sorry for bad quality) http://i39.tinypic.com/14briw8.jpg - Also if anyone has...
  6. 13steiau

    How to a good picture of the laser beam

    I have tried several times to get pictures of my beam from my 100mw 532nm but it always comes out very dim on my iPads camera any ideas of how I could get some better beam shots like angles side view?
  7. 13steiau

    Why are most 445nm all 1W+?

    Why are most 445nm lasers all 1W+ I'm interested in buying one but I think 1w is a little much for me at this point in time I'm just getting into the hobby HEAVILY addicted already (better then being addicted to something harmful I suppose) but anyhow what would be some GOOD goggles for a 1W+...
  8. 13steiau

    Worried customs has seized my laser

    I ordered a 100mw laser from lazerer and in the tracking it says pending customs inspection and has been like that since the 24th of July , just wondering how long customs could take I know I would get a letter if it is seized. I live on the east coast of the United States
  9. 13steiau

    3pcs 532/605/405nm review

    I Bought these for a first set of lasers to see which wavelength I like that most, and they are great for the price most definetly over 5mw the 605nm burned 2x4s. 405nm - not that good of distance on it but the focus is messed up its not a circle dot it's like a rectangle but the beam at night...
  10. 13steiau

    How to test IR?

    Just a quick question is there any way I can test for IR without a LPM? And if there is IR could someone post a link to a IR filter I could glue to the top of the laser unit?
  11. 13steiau

    Sdlaser 303 host issue

    Anyone know how remove the internal components from this type of host safely...
  12. 13steiau

    Signature help please

    If someone could take a look at my signature and help me sort it out, I would greatly appreciate it -thanks austin
  13. 13steiau

    3pcs green/blue/red "5mw" lasers eBay

    Just ordered these I'm sure they are all overspec, just thought I would post about it can't beat for only 10.99 and free shipping 3pcs 5mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen Combo Blue Violet Red Light Wholesale | eBay
  14. 13steiau

    50mw green laser problem

    I recently bought a 50mw green laser from ledshoppe, and it worked fine for the first day and the next day I go to use it the dot is insanely tiny is it my batteries? I charged it over night and it did this please help I can post a picture of the dot if need be - Thanks Austin
  15. 13steiau

    50mw green laser from ledshoppe

    I have no idea how to post my own thread, so I am going to comment on here I bought this laser Burning Matches 50mw Green Laser Pointer +18650 Set US$34.99 only from ledshoppe, and it worked yesterday and now I went to use it today and the dot is smaller then a normal red 2mw you get from the...