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    Romisen L-B030 30mW green laser

    Heya Guys, A few days ago i posted some questions about shipping from dealextreme. It shipped (not from order till receiving) in 3 days. The package was posted on the 10th of march. I received it today. +1 gmt. Once opened the package there was a cartboard box, 2 pieces of CR123A batteries and...
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    DX gave me an tracking number.. what now ?

    Hey Guys, last week i've bought an laser as discribed in my signature. Yesterday i received my trackingnumber. When i click on it it redirects me to the hong kong post. But nothing special there :P , my question is. Did the package leaved DX allready ? Or did it just get an tracking number...
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    Heya from Holland!

    Hey Guys, Newbie here, just bought my first laser @ DX. 30mW Romisen L-B030 Green Laser with GITD Tail (CR123A) Click here TrustFire Protected 3.6V 880mAh 16340/CR123A Batteries (2-Pack) Click here And this charger UltraFire 3.0V/3.6V CR123A Charger Click here First i had bought another...