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    Best Burning laser

    People have given you good advice and your questions all have been answered in previous post that you did not seem to research (for burning ability and power). I have bought from good companies and bad (including eBay and Laserpointerpro). The quality and price at Laser Pointer Pro is very hit...
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    O-like $66 2W 450nm laser?

    I bought this laser or very similar model more than a year ago. I didn't measure the actual output power, but I have no doubt it is as advertise. I actually had to be careful pointing it on the deck or leaves (could start a fire). The case is actually heavy and feels very solid and it does seem...
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    Help me select a Sanwu Pocket Laser

    Also you said you were going to use the lasers at night hiking so I doubt you will use safety glasses in the dark hiking.
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    Help me select a Sanwu Pocket Laser

    Well any laser above 5mw can cause issues with your eye if you look directly into them. Green lasers tend to be safer in that they appear brighter and you are more aware of the intensity of the beam. Violet and red appear less bright at same power levels so you can think they are less dangerous...
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    Help me select a Sanwu Pocket Laser

    I have every colour of the Sanwu Pocket lasers and like them all. I like that the red laser and violet laser are single mode. I like the blue and green lasers too for the colour. I was using a 50mw 520nm pocket laser for astronomy, but I replaced it with the 5mw Laserland pen style 510 laser...
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    Help me select a Sanwu Pocket Laser

    Camera is not the same as the human eye and blues appear brighter on camera.
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    Help me select a Sanwu Pocket Laser

    For night time use, I would go with green since it is bright at lower power so safer. Also, to see the beam at a distance divergence and collimation is important. The divergence of the green diodes can be good at lower powers, which will still appear bright. The blue lasers tend to have higher...
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    Which is the BEST laser color for BURNING?

    The frequency of the laser does effect the burning ability of the laser. Colour effects how much of the energy of the laser beam is absorbed by the material per the area illuminated. This is a complicated formula as it is dependant on the material being burnt. In general, I would expect low...
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    Help me select a Sanwu Pocket Laser

    You have to be careful using those brightness calculators and what you mean by brighter. When I use my lasers for star pointing those brightness calculators don't say the whole story. Looking at a laser beam pointing into the sky is effected by how the laser is scattered in the atmosphere. This...
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    Seeking a functional astronomy pen laser recommendation after getting screwed by LPS

    I have both the Sanwu Pocket 50mw 520nm green laser and the Laserlands 5mw 510mw Laser Pointer Pen (the small pen format). They both are green diode lasers and work in cold weather (I am in cold country Canada). The Sanwu Pocket laser is shorter and both fit in the Orion laser pen mount (I have...
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    Has any purchased the O-Like High Power 500mW 532nm green laser?

    You could be right Paul about the power of my Golden 2W 445nm O-like laser (Although I would be surprised if it were even 50% lower at the speed it sets things on fire). I was only comparing it against similar 445nm lasers I own that have been measured by others (and here on the forums). Also...
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    Has any purchased the O-Like High Power 500mW 532nm green laser?

    Steve perhaps if you did have a PhD in optical physic you might understand it could mean many things. I am not sure if they are talking about internal focus or they mean the beam diameter could be changed by buying an external beam expander. There are several other options and the pictures did...
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    Has any purchased the O-Like High Power 500mW 532nm green laser?

    Thanks for the replies guys. Good point Alaskan about the beam expander being available. O-Like doesn't even mention if the beam can be focused or not. Another good point about the duty cycle will be lower, but Jet Laser doesn't even quote the duty cycle for the PL-E mini. Also, the point about...
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    Has any purchased the O-Like High Power 500mW 532nm green laser?

    I was interested in O-Like's High Power 500mW 532nm green laser torch /crystal isolation stab and was wondering if anyone has purchased this laser. It is $70 cheaper than Jet Lasers PL-E mini 500mW 532nm green laser and has better specs. I know the build quality will be lower, but it claims to...
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    Best new laser?

    O-Like.com sells cheapest tem00 500mw DPSS laser I know of and that is for $179. Also, laserpointerstore.com sells the cheapest 1w green diode laser I know of at $200. I have bought lasers from both these stores and they tend not to false advertise. The quality of Sanwu lasers and Jet Lasers...
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    Green laser pointer for full moon nights

    I own quite a few laser pointers and I have been using three different ones for astronomy. For alignment, I am currently using the $20 Laserland 510nm diode (pen style) laser. It works in the cold and is bright enough for telescope alignment purposes. I also have the pocket Sanwu 520nm 50mw...
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    510nm pointer for $19 legit?

    I have this laser pointer pen from Laserland and their larger 520nm laserland pointer which I pot modded. These are not illegal as they are set to 5mw (not all Chinese lasers are illegal imports). I use the smaller pen style laser on my telescope and it works well in the cold (you might have to...
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    Why HeNe?

    My first HeNe laser I owned was in my Laser Disc player. This was one of the first consumer electronics use of a laser. This was back in the 1980's. The HeNe lasers were quickly replaced with laser diodes a few years later. One of the reasons the HeNe laser's prices dropped was the consumer use...
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    Why HeNe?

    I have been investigating holography using cheap diode lasers and have been surprised to find that some people have achieved coherence length that exceed many HeNe lasers (for example lengths greater than their optical tables). The problem seems there is a lot of hit and miss with these diodes...