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  1. J

    Why does this happen?

    I was just messing around with my green laser when I discovered that if I pointed it at the pink plastic weight, the laser turned yellow. Here is the link to the video of me doing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvtJWLYF0cI I quickly shined it at the TV to show that the laser is in fact...
  2. J

    Is the Sanwu $15 650nm laser really ~250mW?

    Is it just me or does $15 plus $10 for shipping seem a little fishy for a 250mW laser seem a little iffy? I just haven't ever seen something that powerful for such a low price. I see on other sites like LaserBTB that a 200mW 650nm is selling for just about $85. Also, there is another laser on...
  3. J

    Ebay "1 Watt"

    Now, everyone knows Ebay lasers are not advertised truthfully. Any listing that has the words military, power beam, burn, cigarette, match, or any of the sort are just trying to grab keyword searches. You never really know what you're going to get if you buy one, especially with high listed...
  4. J

    Know anything about SKY Lasers?

    I was browsing this(SKY Laser Pointers - Buy High Power SKY Blue, Red and Green Laser Pointers with Worldwide Free Shipping)site and was wondering is it was legit. There aren't many reviews on most of their products, so I can't really tell so far. What do you think? If you've bought anything...
  5. J

    I'm a Laser Noob, Looking for Lasers

    I was just wanting a list of some nice, weaker lasers to buy to start out my "collection" if you want to call it that. Anything above 5mW and at a reasonable price range. The max price should be about $75 or so. Thanks in advance!
  6. J

    Info on the Laser 303 532nm λ

    I have bought this laser (hasn't arrived yet): Military 532nm 5mW 303 Green Laser Pointer Lazer Pen Burning Beam 18650 Charger | eBay I do not have a device to measure the power of it, so I do not actually know it. It does say ">200mW". It's obviously under 200mW, but I don't know the real...
  7. J

    My First Post

    Hello! I am a completely new member. This is my very first post here :). I know little about lasers and how they work. I am here to enlarge my knowledge about lasers and just to interact with a community that know so much about them. -Jaetpack1