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    Can an ultraviolet laser be used to treat skin cancer?

    My father knows I like lasers and recently showed me this pamphlet a neighbor gave him. His neighbor is a few years younger than me (he's 30) and he has stage 3 skin cancer. The neighbor's cousin works for a clinic and has convinced him to come to the clinic for these laser treatments. The thing...
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    Lazerer has a 10mw 473nm laser?

    Just noticed this today. LZSK - 473nm 10mW Water Proof Blue Laser Pointer
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    dumb question...in theory could you use sum frequency to make a DPSS Magenta Laser?

    I get that Magenta does not have an actual wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum it's "non-spectral". I also know that some hobbyists have been able to achieve Magenta anyways by combining beams of red and blue or red and violet just as some hobbyists have made yellow beams by combining red...
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    Dragon Lasers - 589nm Spartan Laser n00b review

    First let me humbly apologize for this review. I'm not a scientist or an engineer so my review isn't technical or even all that informed. I'm a total n00b with this stuff. My camera is great but I totally suck at operating it. These pictures suck frankly. I placed an order for this...
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    goofy color experiment that had a result I didn't anticipate.

    I've been doing this dumb experiment with my other laser pointers for a while where I would fire two laser beam colors at the white glass cover for the light in my ceiling fan in my room and observe what the overall color of the combined light looked like. I got the usual results of mixing 650...
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    dumb question about green laser pointers

    First time poster who knows next to nothing about lasers...please be gentle. Is 532 nm the only wavelength of green laser pointer available on the market? I notice with red laser pointers you can get 635 nm or 650 nm red laser pointers and with blue pointers you can get a truer blue at 445 nm...