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    Will 4.99mW Laser Scare Birds In A Daylight?

    I want to scare away birds but only in a daylight. Will 4.99mW laser help?
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    5-in-1 Green Laser?

    This one has 5 output caps I assume? Never owned laser previously and I see 4 different patterns on pictures where only 1 can be present on laser at a time? Is it really how it will look with each cap? For example will pattern not diffuse 50-100 meters away? It would be really great to have wide...
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    How To Set Default Tmart's Currency?

    I cannot set default currency as USD on tmart.com and everytime have to set it again on every other product's page since it automatically switches back to my local ILS currency.
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    60% Off For 5mW Green Laser Pointer On Tmart?

    Guys, just found this one on Tmart, look: http://www.tmart.com/5mW-532nm-Halfsteel-MidOpen-Green-Laser-Pointer-Pen-2AAA_p93902.html Is this an okay laser? Does It Have an IR Filter?
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    Will Laser Beam Scare Crows?

    They annoy me often rambling early in the morning and disturbing my sleep. Will any 5mW green laser purchased on DX or TD scare those crows? I don't want to blind them completely but to scare them for good.
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    Need Recommendation For Green Laser

    Hello, i have some questions about these lasers: 1. Is IR important and less safe? 2. I have seen on DX True Green Lasers like this one. How does it compare with this one? What does true mean? Non-counterfeit laser? I mostly need green laser for pointing at products in stores, pointing at...
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    What Laser Pointer Is Good For The Following Purposes?

    Hello everybody. I would like to know which laser pointer and of what color are good for DIY home jobs where i need to mark places for drilling/hammering nails and other stuff in the daylight. Second purpose is to point at night to show specific locations, directions and landmarks in the night...