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  1. Robert S

    5mW 520nm laser isnt stopped by my OD5 goggles!?

    I just used my 520nm 5mW pointer from laserBTB on a piece of white paper while wearing my eagle pair OD5 goggles and could clearly see the color, if i point it at something else that isn't white i only see orange, though. However, i then put them in front of the laser and it still created a...
  2. Robert S

    Big THANKS to offroadfreak8582

    This afternoon i recieved the Sinner Cypreus-IIb host, i bought from Robin last saturday and also a 5mW 515nm Laser Pointer from LaserBTB. The host looks really awesome so i hope, ill be able to put a diode into it soon. :) The LaserBTB pointer is another story. I actually bought it on the...
  3. Robert S

    Searching for good GITD powder

    I wanted to buy some GITD powder for some time now, to use for my lasers and flashlights. I know if you google for it, you will get tons of results but i have no idea what to look for, if i want something good. Also searched here on LPF but only found some old reviews, from years ago which...
  4. Robert S

    Any idea what happened to my laser?

    About 2 month ago, i bought one of these C2 2100mW 462nm Lasers from Bitlasers. This is one of the beamprofile pics i took, for the review i was going to do. I was a try at least. There seemed to be something on the lense or whereever those shadows were comming from, thats at least what i...
  5. Robert S

    Difference Between Li-ion and Li-Mn?

    So i tried to find an answer to that because i wanted to buy some AW batteries, and on their website, they have protected Li-ion cells and unprotected Li-Mn cells. The max capacity unprotected 18650s you can buy from them, are 2200 mAh and the max capacity for their protected ones is 3400 mAh...
  6. Robert S

    Would like to buy a LPM, need advice.

    Would be nice if i could get some recommandations on LPMs. I really have no idea, what i have to pay attention to, when looking for one. What i do know is, that i need something to measure the output of mostly cheap lasers, or just lasers that i can't trust of their stated 5 (or w/e)mW, for...
  7. Robert S

    Does anyone know an universal charger for all these battery types?

    Im talking about one that can charge at least Li-ion 16340(RCR123A), 18650 and Ni-MH in AAA, AA, C and D. It should also be able to discharge, analyze and refresh(or w/e you want to call it) and of course have a selectable current. The closest i could find, was the BT-C3400 Battery Charger...
  8. Robert S

    Hello from Germany, could need some help

    Hello LPF, ive spent some time here over the last few days, and got a lot of my questions anwered but there are still some things i would like to know because im going to buy a new laser soon. The first handheld i got, was the Hulk Ultra 350mW from Dragon Lasers which i still have and its still...