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  1. micksterbs

    Mystery driver

    Does anyone know what this tiny thing is please? It appears to have no adjustment pot �� tvmia
  2. micksterbs

    Wanted, quickly, UK! Ultraviolet laser(s)

    I’m looking for “the best combination of power and reliability in a 2xAA form, of a laser having the wavelength that is the most effective at causing luminous materials to fluoresce like crazy when you point it at them, and costing up to £50 each posted special delivery in the U.K., and for a...
  3. micksterbs

    Ultrafire RL-2088 3x18650 chunky host

    £70 now £60 + postage & PP fees.... Bought this to convert to a laser death ray but I've had to give up lasering so it remains a torch, ripe for conversion. Because it is so chunky there is scope for a relatively massive heatsink. Takes three 18650's. It has a few tiny dings as it has been...
  4. micksterbs

    Laser bits clearout

    For a combination of reasons (mainly no time or money) I'm having to give up lasering as a hobby, and as a result I have a load of stuff for sale. This is the first of a few posts -- as I find and catalogue stuff I will post it up for sale in batches. I'm a bit out of touch with the price of...
  5. micksterbs

    Software for Kenometer USB

    Hi y'all. I've searched and not found what I'm looking for so hopefully this is the right place to ask... I need the latest freely-available version of Luminosity, or any other logging/graphing software that would work with a Kenometer, because my DVD with the original software is damaged, and...
  6. micksterbs

    Custom front surface mirror designs?

    Hi. I want to investigate having some FSMs built to a particular spec. Actually units comprising more than one FSM fixed into a certain geometric arrangement. Does anyone have any pet optics companies they use or know of any I could approach? I've found dozens on the interwebs but a specific...
  7. micksterbs

    Groove 2 drivers: in parallel?

    Hi y'all. I want to get 1A or thereabouts from a Groove 2 driver. The datasheet says 500mA is the max. I'm sure I read something about being able to run drivers in parallel to double the current, but I can't seem to find it any more. Can it be done with the Groove 2 and if so are there any...
  8. micksterbs

    600mW 445nm 3x10440 build with gun barrel heatsink

    Yay! I just finished my first build from scratch and I feel like an overexcited schoolboy. I'm not an expert at this sort of thing. Constructive criticism is always welcome :D There are some things I would definitely do differently next time (list at end) but basically I am happy with it and...
  9. micksterbs

    445 power should be higher?

    I've been working on a 445 in a 3x AAA host (pics when finished). I realise that 3x AAA is not enough to power a 445 at 1000mA with a Microboost; it starts flashing immediately. So I've tested with some freshly charged 18650's (one at a time), both protected and unprotected, and I can't raise...
  10. micksterbs


    Dammit I saved this before it was finished! Can I delete a post and start again?
  11. micksterbs

    Hello. My name's mick and I'm a laserholic.

    I'm 40-ish and I live in London. I've loved lasers ever since I knew what they were but my addiction proper started over 20 years ago with a small HeNe tube and power supply. My aunt, who lived in Washington DC, knew I loved lasers and once when I visited her she arranged for me to have dinner...
  12. micksterbs

    How to get the diode out of this host?

    Hi y'all. Got this "300mW" green thing (real power unknown, til my Kenometer arrives!) and want to remove the diode to use it in to a 7-colour build I'm embarking on. Trouble is I can't see how to get it out :-/ The front unscrews and the lens assembly comes off, and the diode remains in the...