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  1. RayBurne

    SOLD... Artic SpyderIII 1W 445nM + LaserBees

    SOLD For your consideration as I enter retirement and need to simplify my hobbies (per wife.) - Artic SpyderIII 445nM SN34631 (June 2010 manf.) With original box, 2 batteries, charger, eye shades Excellent condition w/ original paperwork - LaserBee 2.5W USB SNU0158 Like new condition...
  2. RayBurne

    In the H.E.A.T. of the light (coherent)

    H = Heat / E = Energy / A = Analysis / T = Temperature This thread is being open to post some results of experiments that I have conducted and to present some ideas to the community. I hope to pass on some interesting results, perhaps get some interests from others to carry out some...
  3. RayBurne

    Registered in Atlanta

    I've been reading the forum on/off for about 18 months. I registered once before but it was on my iPad and weird things happened and like a vaccination that does not take, the system did not register me. That was a year ago and I finally got around to trying again on a machine that has a...