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    Thanks DTR!

    Got my 405nm 510 module from DTR today, the mech mod I ordered showed up at the same time. Added the G9 lens I got a couple days ago for a nice increase in beam strength. Absolutely in love with this setup :sold:. I just need my goddamn charger to get here so I can run it off a fully charged...
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    I guess I missed posting here when I created this count last year... :oops: But anyway, Hi everyone! My name is Ali (Ah-Lee not Allie, I happen to possess a Y chromosome:D), I live in the Metro Detroit region of Michigan. I'm currently a student and working part time in IT. I own a 1.5W 445nm...
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    1.5W Police Host Laser Repair

    I bought one of the 1.5W Police Host lasers that BLord had up a while back. Sometime in December I was having some issues getting it to function properly (flickering, brownouts, etc), eventually when I tried to turn it on I got a puff of smoke... :eek: At the time I set it aside, intending on...