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  1. Blackwolf

    I'm back

    I am back and kinda after a long break and I am interested to see all the new cool stuff, and possibly buy a yellow with my new job.
  2. Blackwolf

    Polished S4 1W 445nm and glasses

    I am selling my S4 as I need some money for some guitar stuff. You get the laser and some orange UVEX glasses which seem to block it. asking $100 shipped conus
  3. Blackwolf

    Blackwolf's collection liquidation sale *pic heavy*

    It pains me to do this but I do need some funds for other projects so I plan on selling a few things. A white laser / Rgb set up contains two pbs cubes and one turning mirror can be used to make a white or rgb laser asking $10 shipped any questions or concerns feel free to pm I would...
  4. Blackwolf

    Mirror polished hosts, and new Ehgemus one

    As the title states I just finished hand polishing my Survival Lasers S4, and my CNI GLP-473 and they look great they are both very close to mirror. I also want to show off my new Ehgemus host before I do my ~470nm build. Pics they said they wouldn't make green diodes because they had...
  5. Blackwolf

    Knife thread.

    Since my when collection collide thread is pretty popular I have decided to make a thread so people can show off their other shiny toys. Here are all mine: Balisongs (soon to be added Benchmade 51 Morpho with custom Flytanium scales) The trainer is taken apart for stonewashing and new handles...
  6. Blackwolf

    When collections collide

    Lasers meet knives. knives meet lasers. nice shot of the heat anodizing (the whole blade is blue) More to come (515? 520 460-70 589?:whistle:) knife update
  7. Blackwolf

    Blackwolf's new HD camera *pic heavy*

    I finally and begrudgingly made the move from "dumb" phone to smartphone, and now that I have an HD camera I thought it would be nice to capture my laser collection in HD... enjoy 375nm? blacklight eventually 515-20nm the purple spot on the hat is some IR florescence that I picked up...
  8. Blackwolf

    Sold: Great condition complete Sl Argon-Ion

    In order to fund some more cool projects (460nm, LPM, Car etc…) I have decided to sell off a few things. This thread contains the laser and guitar gear that I want to sell. Argon-Ion For sale is my Argon-Ion laser. It is a 4mW JDSU 2212-4SL Single-line Argon-Ion. This laser is in really nice...
  9. Blackwolf


    they are famous 7 Shocking Things You Can Buy with Bitcoins : Discovery News
  10. Blackwolf

    Newest lasers *pic heavy*

    My newest lasers are the 500mW? 405nm 501b made by Blord and won in the donation r@ffle. I love this laser, and the only problem I have with it is that it burns my walls at infinity. Here are some pics I am getting it one of these I also purchased a Laserlands 532nm module and I have to say...
  11. Blackwolf

    405 and diffraction gratings

    I noticed that for some reason when I look at my 405-445 lasers while wearing my diffraction grating glasses there is a full spectrum coming off the dot like it if you were to look at a white light. It only seems to happen when I am looking through them. It does not happen when just the laser is...
  12. Blackwolf

    First Argon... what a deal

    I got my first argon laser yesterday, and it is amazing. I sniped a DNA sequencer on ebay for $14.12 + $34.34 s&h! So in total I got a working argon-ion laser and power supply for $48.46. It is a JDSU 2212-4SL, and I got to say I love the 488. The only thing i need to do know is to remove the...
  13. Blackwolf

    First HeNe with pics

    I was on the bay and I say a "broken" HeNe head and psu for $20. When I received it, I got down to figuring out why it was not working. After opening the head and removing the tube I found out why. My bore was a pile of broken glass on the inside of the tube I still think It was worth it for...
  14. Blackwolf

    Saturdays beamshots

    I took a few multibeam pics 635 vs 650 445(low batts) vs 635 635 vs 532 note the sfcr in the background (I think I will start using this angle. 532 seems really green i.e. almost no yellow) red "skeletal" hand
  15. Blackwolf

    Blackwolf update (pic heavy)

    I have not made a cool thread in awhile, even though I have some new lasers and cool projects I've been working on. I thought I'd make a new thread to give LPF an update. As for lasers I forgot to make reviewish threads for my Lazerer Rifle and SFCR-200. I love both lasers. The red beams are...
  16. Blackwolf

    Sending a signal

    I am the project head for a section of the project being conducted within my university's engineering club. We are building something called a pain field generator which is a property protection device from an old science project book. How it is set up right now is the device may be modular and...
  17. Blackwolf

    Polished Survivallasers S4

    Here is my custom polished S4 I did a while back. I still plan on doing some GITD work on here. I can not believe there are not more of these they look really sweet polished especially with 1W of indigo coming out of it. With all the details on the host it was difficult to polish but I managed...
  18. Blackwolf

    Styropyro 473nm crystal set and IR diode

    I just got every thing in the mail and it looks great. I cant wait to get some drivers and power this bad boy up. I've always wanted to learn the "joys" of alignment. When I save up a little more $$ for my laser budget I'll be getting some nice 808nm glasses, and then the fun can begin :D. I...
  19. Blackwolf


    So much win... Anyone else want to get this?
  20. Blackwolf

    SFG experiment

    Has anyone ever tried PBSing a two individual beams like 1046+1319 and then putting that beam thorough a NLO. Through all the scientific experiments I've read I have never heard it done this way. I know that he beams would eventually come out of alignment but it would be interesting to see its...